Calling all Carcass fans.

Folks, nobody ever did it the way Carcass did it... how could they?

It'd be great to see a reunion of some sorts but it's never gonna happen: what with Bill's band taking a completely different direction and Jeff & Ken forming Blackstar, then Ken's sad illness, it's just too much to ask I fear.

It sucks but at least there's always the awesome material they left us as a legacy.

Carcass - gone but forever rotten :zombie:
nursery_chymes said:
can somebody tell me why the timings on the cover of necroticism are put wrong? i mean inpropagation for example isn't 6:19 but more than 7 minute long piece, pedigree butchery is 5:16 not 5:50, the differences are gross, can somebody tell me why it's put like that on so many releases of this album?
I think it has to do with the samples in each song.

For example, Inpropagation has about a minute of..intro noise, before the song. Hence why it's listed as a six minute song, but is a seven minute track. At least...that's the only way I've been able to make any sense out of it.