Can this be real??

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Jan 8, 2003
NS, Canada
A friend of mine bumped into a website of some band called "disordely". I really can't describe the ammount of laughter you'll get once you see this website. I mean can you believe...a 14 member band?!?! Haha, so hard to explain, you'll have to see this by yourselves hahahaha...

Don't forget to empty your bladder before watching this...

P.S. Check out the guestbook for some extra fun
If these guys are making any $$$ at all, by the time they split it up, there would be just about enough for a Tastykake Twinkie and a soda for each on the way home from the gig! (That is, if THEY aren't paying people to come to see them!!....Twinkies for our fans! HEHE.)

I'm just thankful my kids aren't into this kind of s***! Ewwwww.:zombie:
However, I must say, I've always had high hopes that one of my kids would someday take an interest in Fogger playing. Foggist? OK, enough already. BYE.

EDIT>> Oops, that's Hostess Twinkies, isn't it?
Tastykake has the Krimpets. :headbang:
haggard has like 16 people. to be fair, that's a drummer, 2 guitarists (one is vocals), a bassist, a soprano, and then like a *counts on fingers*10 or 11 piece orchestra. plus the choir. if you haven't heard them, check em out. they are classical death metal-ish..... check out heavenly damnation or awaking the centuries (both songs off the album awaking the centuries)
by the way, i just checked out that website...... man oh man. why in god's name do you need 2 bassists? You know they are TRYING HARD to be that stupid.
NO FUCKING WAY... how can a band be that ridiculous? Maybe they want us to feel sorry for them...that band is full of a bunch of pathetic high-school students who want to make people feel sorry for them. It's terribly stereotypical! Those are the kind of people that pretend that being dead is cool and being mentally unstable is stylish, when in reality they're just losers at their school who want attention. If they want attention, they should at least be more like Cannibal Corpse or something. I mean, at least Cannibal Corpse actually has understanding of musical theory and all.

:Smokin: "yeah, i'm a cool poser singer!" :zombie: "yeah, i'm the guitarist... look at my rotting flesh, not my guitar parts." :devil: "I'm the fat ass drummer who never gets exercise except when i hit my snare, and use my double kick" :yuk: "and i'm the bass player with my thumb in my ass..."

Music today is just shameful. This crap is what is becoming of the modern metal scene. I mean, I can't slam them too much, or prevent them from doing it because of the freedom of expression. But still, i'm almost ashamed to say that I like metal because I have the risk of being labeled as a person like those "disorderly" ones.
Shred I wouldn't get too worked up over this, now I'm almost 100% positive this is a joke. One of the band members plays fogmachine... :lol: Thats funny. And even if they are a real band I'm sure they aren't serious about it.
I just wanted to post one last comment. I contacted one of the members (one of the TWO bassists) by aol instant messanger and asked him if it was a joke. he stopped talking to me once i asked that and gave me a warning.... lol... i suggest you all do the same.
Disorderly is a nu-metal parody, and a very good one at that. It doesn`t seem like many get the joke, however, but perception when it comes to humour has never been internet users greatest strength. Their member pages are hilarious, and their lyrics are even more hilarious, and if you are familiar with Slipknot or Linkin Park, you just can`t stop laughing, because they so did hit the nail on the head with their parody :)