Canadian metal bands from the 80s

Hawk said:
You mean Joe Comeau? No real explanation was given as far as I know. I think that Waters made a very stupid move when he fired Joe. I think that Comeau was one of the best things that happend to Annihilator. But thats just me :Spin:
I agree....that was a very stupid mistake. Carnival Diablous is their best album since Never, Neverland. :headbang:
Now wat about Hallow's Eve, is all thier stuff like Speedfreak?
Wyvern said:
Besides all the cool bands mentioned I need to bring the attention on Black Knight one of the most underrated metal acts of all time their only album "Master Of Disaster" (check my avatar sig) is a masterpiece of classic metal.
They had both a male and a female vocalist in their short career, but their voices were so akin that the album and the bonus tracks in it are not clashing at all. Songs like 'Master Of Disaster', 'Black Knight', 'Day Of The Wizard' and the amazing 'Battlefield'makes this album a genuine gem.
Sadly media and labels refused to recognize the metalness of a female lead singer and the band never fot their deserved break.

Their album was reissued as limited copy edition a few years ago, if you can get one do it!

Yeah!This album kick ass,sadly not so many people recognize this.Also first Sword album is amazing,but second one is too much rockish for my taste :)
Witckiller?I only heard one song Day Of The Saxons and i liked it.
Anvil-80s albums are OK,not something great to me but OK,last few albums sucks