castrate the sound man with rusy garden shears


May 2, 2001
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I just want to point out what a horrible job the sound guys are doing/have done with the opeth gigs. You'd think after traveling all that way and putting so much time and effort into the gigs that they'd find some sound guys to do a half-ass job, but from what I'm reading and from what I saw they totally suck! Opeth did a great show in Toronto (the second time around, the first one bit big-time, an embarassment) but still, it's pretty bad when the freakin *audience* has to tell them to turn up the guitar. Give me a break. When opeth first started playing you could hardly hear the guitars at all, then Mikael got some volume when he asked for more guitar in his monitor. I was close to the stage so I don't even know if they did turn up his guitar or if I was just getting it from the monitor, how sad, but at least he was there, still not loud enough, but you could make it out. Eventually someone with a loud voice told peter to turn up his guitar like half way through the gig and then the sound was ok, still not great but it was listenable at least. At least you could hear the vocals fine, unlike the gig in Jersey (how completely stupid are they?). As opeth's set continued the sound guy(s) was/were messing with the settings so that by the end of the set *everything* was much louder and it was starting to sound very crappy and distorted. By the time the got to the last song, Demon of the Fall, the sound sucked worse than when they started and I as hard as I tried to hear it it just sounded like distorted noise. I realize live sound is a tricky thing but come on guys, it's not rocket science, find something that works and stick with it. It was still a great show, but it's a shame parts of it were tainted or completely ruined by incompetence. Goofs.

"castrate the sound man with rusty garden shears"

I couldn't put it better myself. I wonder if Opeth has their own sound man, or if they just use whoever is running the place that they have their gigs at? If they don't have their own sound man that's really a shame. To mess up Opeth's "sonic resonance" (yeah, that sounds cool) is just plain ... blarg! :mad:
I saw them again, last night, in NY at L'Amours. Opeth's sound was much better. Additionally, they seemed to be enjoying themselves a great deal more. All the bands were significantly better and more energetic. Klub Krome sucks. I will avoid attending shows there at all costs.

whoa, i did too. its like i went back in time for a brief moment.. that was twilight-zone-ish.. and the quote that brough it back was "I've gotta have butter on everything"
I have to say that within 2 years between the first time I saw them and the last time I saw them they have made great progress with their live sound. Shows you how much touring does to make you a better musician, but also I'm sure their touring budget changed much as well.. hence better technicians, equipment..
The live sound is almost solely down to the venue, gear and the live sound engineer. I think up to a recent point Opeth must have just been dealing with the shoddy in-house engineers that seem to come with every shitty godforsaken venue around. There are too many guys out there with no clue as to what they're doing.

I think in recent times the label must've paid for the band to start getting their own personal live sound guy who can give them a consistently good mix, no matter where they play.
sound ppl always fuck up
they did the same thing with dying fetus, and then when nile played later everyone kept looking at them just trying to print in theyre minds: If you fuck this up, we'll fuck YOU up!
The sound at the first Sydney show (Metro Theatre) was fantastic. Better than the second show the following year at the Enmore Theatre. I think it all comes down to staff at the venue and the acoustics of the room.