Circle II Circle and Andy Lee


The Darkitecht
Jun 3, 2007
Daytona, Florida
I'm seeing various people on Facebook reporting that Andy is no longer in CIIC


CIRCLE II CIRCLE Midwest Tour Update
December 9th, 2010

American power metal kings CIRCLE II CIRCLE — featuring vocalist Zak Stevens of Savatage fame — are currently rocking through the Midwest US on the newest leg of their ongoing world tour in support of their latest album Consequence Of Power. Additional shows have been added to the routing since previous announcements, including the Chicago-area of Illinois as well as Detroit [updated routing listed below].

CIRCLE II CIRCLE would also like to let fans know that a recent lineup change shows the recent departure of guitarist Andy Lee, and the introduction of their newest member Rollie Feldmann (Kickhunter, X-13) Rollie joined CIIC two weeks ago and is debuting in all shows on this current tour with the band.

Stated Zak Stevens from the road this week: ”We’re still cruising along playing shows in the Midwest in Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota in November and December to finish off our initial world tour in support of our new CD Consequence Of Power. We’ll be touring out across the U.S. supporting the new album throughout 2011. We’re looking forward to seeing all our fans across the country in the coming year and we’re very excited about the worldwide response to the new record.”
Yeah, I've known about Andy leaving the band for about 10 days now. It's a shame because Andy is a real friggin' awesome guitarist.

All the best to both CIIC and Andy!