Clan UM Roster


Halo Fetus
Sep 15, 2003
Shrewsbury, UK
So yeah, I be needing a roster of all Clan UM players for the website. All I need is your s/n, e-mail address and AIM/MSN if you have them, and I can add them to the site.

So yeah, post away.
David Ochoa

Good stuff. :wave:

Something just occurred to me. I know we as a clan are not going to be hardcore, but i'd still like to see us, once we have a stable roster, to be taking part in some tournaments here and there. I know i'd love to play in some tourney's, even if we don't do well. It's just a fun way of being a part of the UT community as a whole, and tourney's is one of the marks of being a clan. ;o)
Bearing that in mind, a clan needs to plan/arrange, even if only vaguely, playing strategies and tactics for matches and maps. Even if it's something as trivial as 'always act FFA' or 'share no weapons' (obviously both bogus =), these boards aren't going to be suitable for discussing things like that during tournies and before matches; they are public and could easily be viewed by anyone from other clans. It might seem trivial in itself, but it does swing balance when it comes to games; i've seen it happen through all levels of league games (from top european leagues to community 3rd level mini-tournies).
So, i'd reccommend we all definately share something in common, like msn, or maybe even an arranged IRC room, or something real-time so that the clan can just gather and talk whenever it suits or is needed. We can all visit the boards to check topics at arranged times, but then again so could anyone we play in the future. =)

Just a thought.

Post away personal info still! kekeke ^_^
It's a friendly, open, community-type thing to do and have on the site in the player bios. =) It reminds other people that we're human, not bots, so we may suck, and the fact that we're in a clan shouldn't make people overlook that.

:D :D :D

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booooooo, ever heard of the Data Protection Act? I should be able to put whatever personal info I want anywhere I want!!!* :heh:

*accurate law interpretation subject to natural human fallibility.