UM Clan tag.


-scented manbeef-
May 9, 2002
Edinburgh, Scotland
Hehe, ok, this will be as concerns the in-game clan tag for people in the UT2004 UM clan. We've got to have a visual tag of some sorts, so lets have some kind of vote over them.

So far in my knowledge, Sunlapse, Silmaril and me SculptedCold have been playing the UT2004 demo recently using the prefix of ' =UM= ', and this suggestion seems to have caught on a little, but of course, there's no point having this forced and having some future members disgruntled, so lets put it down to a vote. Because i'm sure everyone will have their own idea of a cool-looking clan tag, feel free to use this thread for posting a possible clan tag, and whether or not it should be a prefix or a suffix. After we've had an agreeable number of suggestions and/or people commenting, we'll have a poll and have the clan decide democratically what our tag should be. =)

If anyone thinks this is a stupid and unneccessarily accommodating idea, and we should just agree on one tag now, voice that too and we'll see where we go.

So, some of the obvious starters.

(UM) all prefix.

Sure, why not? :) I'll change it when I play later. I'll be getting the game at the end of the month.
I'm going home at the weekend to attend my prents' silver wedding anniversary and then my sister's wedding. If i'm lucky i'll get the game on friday, and i'll have about a day to play it before I have to go home for two weeks or so. ARGGH! It's unbearable!

According to my local games shop, i'm not allowed my reserved copy till Sunday :yell: The reason being that so many people have pre-booked it that i'ma gonna have to wait until the second load comes in till they have my copy :erk: