Clan UM Roster

Alwight, once I get a new web host i'll sort out the site again, but until then the roster aint gettin no updates. Still, you dont have to be on the roster to play with =UM= in your name, just post in this thread.
chris-o-fer said:
Glady. Send the money to 4146 Black rock rd.... heheheh. :loco:
But how would I set up a UT clan for those who of us unfortunate souls who have the older version, and a crappy pooter but still want to rock out?

There doesn't seem to be much to it. Setting up a computer gaming clan appears little different to setting up a schoolyard club. You pick a name and then just start asking people if they want to join. Keep a record of who's in, perhaps get yourself a Geocities website. Maybe you set up some kind of initiation test, like the guy has to beat a clan "champion" in a 1v1 deathmatch or something.