coldplay- similar to country mates Anathema?

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Can see both sides of things here-I've been a fan since 91-almost since the start and i've seen the band close to 30 times live.Now I may be in the minority here but those early days to me were something very special-I LOVED the Serenade era-ok its gone now-I can appreciate that-but i hope never forgotten because that really was an amazing time and Anathema stood apart then-even if the music was heavy as fuck-and believe me Live there wrere none heavier at that time!

I've seen the band develop over the years and I still love what they do now-just a little concerned Danny over your "time to start afresh" comments-I think maybe if you want to completley shake off the metal connotations then perhaps you need to change the name of the band.I dont want that and i'm sure the vast majority of your fans dont want that either-I Like the fact there still is a metal shade to your music-that is what still sets you apart from the more indie orientated bands-to be honest Anathema i feel are Unique in what they do but well i totally understand its up to you guys how and where you go from here.

well said kev...youre right there, we'll probably keep at it and stick it out. theres still some heavy riffs kicking around!
many bands dissapointed me, so it is not the style change, it is just that the feelings you wanna put into the music - if they're right, then the music is cool (i.e. "One Second") if not - the music is empty (i.e. "Host")
It's just that you shoudn't pretend to be someone else with your music - just be your self and make your thing (already approved and established). Peace!
You calm down too Mehdi...I was not attacking you, I just didn't agree with you!

I see what you mean though, I just think that the whole business is to blame, not just the fact that they once played metal - try reading neph´s reply...
ever here the joke about why george best played football in the canadian league??

He saw an ad that said "drink canada dry" and took it as an invitation :)
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CanadaDry? What's that?

best beuverage ever. it's a soda with apple taste, it's a fucken winner, but it's kinda rare. where are you from mate?
Canada Dry is gingerale- ginger flavored carbonated water with corn syrup. Dont you Europeans have Gingerale over there?
the whole combination for me sounds terrible - speaking as a bartender...
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best beuverage ever. it's a soda with apple taste, it's a fucken winner, but it's kinda rare. where are you from mate?

Never tasted it...not sure you can get this stuff where I come from...which is the southern part of Denmark...
yeah it's ginger ale stuff. it's hard to find everywhere, even here in france, you can't find it in every shop which is a shame. gimme your postal address i'm sending you a can :lol: