coldplay- similar to country mates Anathema?


Nov 19, 2001
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I was listening to Coldplay's new album- the one pop album getting all the glowing reviews from every critic- musician etc. As I was listening the first time- i was struck by the similarity between Anathema and Coldplay. I say this, as I find both to be highly emotional, and both have rather haunting melodies. Both singers sing somewhat alike as well. Of course I find Anathema to be more talented musicians- but what I was thinking is that Anathema if under the right label and with a bit more toned down sound would be receiving the same accolades from musicians and critics the world over. I was just wondering if anyone else had listened to Coldplay- especially anyone from Anathema?
I see what you mean - but I think that the reason why anathema can't seem to make this big commercial breakthrough is that their music is simply too depressive.

Listen to "In my place" - a nice sad song, and listen to, say, "Temporary Peace". Notice a difference in the degree of sadness?
That's right. Anathema are way too depressing to make commercial success. That of course is very stupid because they write excellent songs and that's what matters in music. Coldplay have a much more "trendy" sound if you listen carefully. The no.1
band on the planet that managed to combine sadness with commercial success is Radiohead but I think everyone knows that these guys are from another planet!!! The most brilliant band I've ever heard and trust me , I've listened to lots of stuff.
nah, in my opinion it has nothing to do with anathema being too sad. it's just because they released 2 metal albums and because of that they'll be seen as a metal band for the rest of their life. and that's sad :cry:
Originally posted by mehdi.i.e.e.e
nah, in my opinion it has nothing to do with anathema being too sad. it's just because they released 2 metal albums and because of that they'll be seen as a metal band for the rest of their life. and that's sad :cry:

i feel like quoting from every reply on this tread...your right mehdi, and this has me thinking....
as for coldplay and radiohead, as far as i can tell they are both great bands with great songs and its my interest to make anathema (or whatever) as good as this or better if possible. we do share a melancholy feeling with these bands...maybe its time to move on from the old stuff and start afresh....
I dont think it is because anathema is too depressing- I think the problem is that anathema neither have a big enough label or enough capital to correctly promote their material outside of the inclusive underground metal world. Yet, I suppose this is the problem with almost all bands. Still, with the recent reaction to Coldplay, one would imagine record companies would be searching for truly talented bands with soul and emotion,- and anathema fits that description quite well.

Well as I look back at what I wrote, I guess it is just a matter of luck for any band- if a band is not signed by a major label- they are screwed- especially in AMerica- where not one radio station will play anything that is not paid for by independent music producers.

i don't get it!!

Coldplay are a depressed student rock band aimed at every adolescent and his younger brother. anathema are an atmospheric underground band aiming at genuine emotional expression through a music medium aimed at the sensitive side of the metal community. the only similarity at all is that they are depressive.
I don't think a commercial breakthrough is impossible when you're playing sad tunes. Don't think Floyd's the wall is shiny happy stuff (but still sold a few copies I've been told).

The metal label is an obstacle though. I remember Anathema got a fantastic review in a serious dutch music magazine ( OOR) but after that I've never seen any articles about Anathema.

Combined with lesser attention from most metalmedia this results in an overall disappointing mediacoverage, sad but true.
When given average support by media and record company, Anathema could be a lot bigger then they are right now, i feel..

There are a few examples where commercial succes didn't seem to be too much of an inspiration for further artistic development however, so perhaps something positive can be taken out of this injustice...
Life is not fair my sons!!! But that's what you've got... the important thing is to stay strong and fight for what you believe. Everything else is just bollox... :) :) :)
Hell! Nothing has to change! I like it the way it is now, Coldplay and Radiohead have the attention they deserve, and though Anathema at least deserves more respect, that doesn't mean they have to be as well known as those other 2 bands.
And it's a shame to talk like this about their metal past, to me it seems like some people just want to forget about that...