creating our own ep step by step

The guitar sound is nice, but funnily enough, I actually agree that this is too smooth. I love smooth tones usually, but some grit here would just work better.
and yeah just record some di'd guitar and pitch shift it down, compress the absoloute shit out of it and mix that in just to fill in frequency space so you have a better impression of how the whole mix will sound. Quite helpful IMO.
need help with time correction of drums, will offer money!!
I don't have the knowledge to do time corrections of drums in cubase. I want to record my guitars riff by riff, which seems not possible when drums aren't always perfect on the click. We did our first record in a studio and the guy puzzled every single drum hit on the click. If you can do exactly that, please write me an offer.

what we want you to do:
- correct timings on every single hit (snare, hihat, cymbals, kick drum, toms)
- we made samples with different drum hits, I will give you the drumagog files for replacing
- create a good drum sound out of the samples provided, please leave it as natural as possible, but as modern as needed
- you can listen to the clean drums and which drum sound I was going for here: creating our own ep step by step

how we could do it:
- we'll put some tempo tracks and single wavefiles of the recording session on a ftp, which you could use to send them back to us --> international offers welcome, we're based in germany

what you'll get:
- credits on our cd
- some fun
- we will pay for it of course. we're on a budget, but that's negotiable

We do need some credits from you though. Best would be if you could do a test song (or a part of a song). If you're interested send me pm or post in this thread and I'll pm you the files directory.