Damnation is scheduled for an April 14th release date


May 29, 2001
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OPETH - "Beauty And Serenity"

OPETH first ever "Non-Metal" album, Damnation, is scheduled for an April 14th release date through Music For Nations. Produced by Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree, Damnation is being described as "an album of beauty and serenity with touches of blues and acoustic majesty, but still undeniably Opeth." Opeth play tour the UK from 10th March to 19th March.
What a fantastic few opethy days that will be then! Live on april 11th, new album on the 14th! :)
April is going to a be good month. First Opeth live, than Damnation. Though I suspect we won't get it till late April, early May if the 14th is the European release date.
What you guys mean is that Steven Wilson is your lord and saviour. All shall bow down to him and bathe his feet with sweet-smelling oils.