Damnation is scheduled for an April 14th release date

and mine is on the 16th (and hearse's on the 17th if i remember correctly). :)

we should have our own personal signed by the band copy *clown*
all these people born in april. it must be july's power: young couples feel summer's holidays are approaching and... uhm... decide to celebrate :rolleyes:
almost two months, damn, it's too much :cry: i guess i'll have to hammer deliverance a lot before april the 14th, 'cause i'm sure it will be hard to take damnation out of my stereo, after then.

@rusty: no, no, you were born under a cauliflower, you're english :p

edit: copulating? call it what you like. i'm a romantic girl and i do it with balloons and confetti *clown*
It WAS slated for a release on my B-day (Back when it was due out in March).... :cry:

Now not only do I not get to listen to it on before the gig's (I had several hours to kill on the plane), But with the assosciated shipping time I we prolly won't get our hands on copies till well after they've left 'Good 'ole down unda'.......

No signed copies for us.......

wtf... mine's the 8th... how many fucking people are born in april here?? :lol:

are they gonna play material from Damnation on the Aussie tour?