DI/Preamp for Reamping


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Feb 18, 2012
as first time poster i want to introduce myself and thank you guys. Been reading this forum for quite a while now and its hands down the best forum on this subject i have read so far.

But back to Topic:
I want to start reamping in my little homestudio. I have a Echo Audiofire 12 as Interface wich has no preamps on it. Scince its more hobby than professional work i dont want/can spend too much money so i read a lot of threads here and decided to use the Palmer Reamping Box but i cant decide on DI/Preamp. The preamp should be good for recording bass too. Pricetag on the bundle is variable. The whole thing should be a good mix between cheap and quality.

In one of the DI Shootouts I read that the Studio Projects VTB1 is a good DI with 1,5megOhm input wich is good cause i mainly use passive PU,s. Scince its considerd a good preamp for bass recording im pretty intrigued, only problem there is no thru for monitoring my playing on the amp while recording. Or is there a usable workaround?

edit: One workaround came to mind. Is it possible to run one of the xlr outputs from the preamp to the palmer reamper while recording?

The countryman Type 85 has a 10M input z. It is great on bass too. A friend of mine knows some bass players who have adapted the Type 85 to their live rig just for the coloration that it adds.