Did you see Lacuna coil last year?


One with the ocean
Mar 13, 2005
If so where? i saw them in seattle at the el corazon and it was a great show! i also got a few pics of them+solen babies,within temptation and the gathering
Saw them in Columbia, SC along with Within Temptation (<3), Stolen Babies (First time I'd ever heard of them, and I was so impressed I bought their album, one of my favorite bands now), and In This Moment (Meh). Lacuna Coil was pretty alright, but their songs aren't exactly... high energy. Maybe not the best concert band really, but I LOVE their albums. Tight Rope and Unspoken off of Comalies really do it for me.
I saw Lacuna Coil last summer in Knoxville, TN and it was a great show. I thought the band played with a lot of energy, so maybe they had an off night in Columbia. Within Temptation was awesome to see, but the rest of the bands on the bill were boring. I'd like to see another Coil/Temptation bill with no other supporting acts. :headbang:

I would love to see this band live, they are sheer awesomeness.

EDIT: In answer to the question, no.
Saw them at Pukkelpop festival last year during the summer. Their bus broke down so they were late and Enter Shikari fell in for them so they couldn't go on main stage anymore, had to play on the skate stage but it was great nonetheless
Saw em in montreal and it was awesome! Seen em a few times, part of the hottest chicks in metal tour, part of the rob zombie tour and a few other times, I'm just too tired to recall what tour it was from last year
I should have seem them in Aarhus, Denmark 11th december 2008. It was at the BFMV-tour, they were supporters, but the show get cancelled, 'cause 2 members of BFMV were sick. So, I haven't seen them yet, but I will see them someday!! :)
I saw them a few times in 2007.

Maplewood, Minnesota @ Myth (w/ Stone Sour, Shadows Fall)
Vancouver, British Columbia @ Croation Cultural Center (w/ The Gathering, Stolen Babies)
Seattle, Washington @ El Corazon (w/ The Gathering, Within Temptation, Stolen Babies)
Los Angeles, California @ Key Club (w/ Within Temptation, Stolen Babies)

Looking forward to seeing them again in 2009.
perhaps i don't belong in this forum, but i would love to see them.. still haven't had the chance yet. Christina Scabbia is one of my heroines.... :) one day... i will get back to you guys.