Mar 2, 2009
Does any one else think it's strange that we have been a full band now for a few months and are yet to actually play all together, or be in the same room for that matter?
I am the only member aside from Dustin that has ever met AL in person. (I met him at Katagory V's last show with Matt Suiter.) Yet we still somehow have been able to stay on task and work with stellar speed and quality.
I have been looking forward like crazy to getting together at the end of the month. We will finally all be in one place at one time. Al is flying out to do his vocal tracks, and sometime that weekend we're going to have a BBQ and get to know everybody a little better. Al and I have been able to get to know eachother pretty good though all our lengthy phone and email correspondence. I just can't even explain how excited I am!!! It's better than Christmas!
Hey, Bizzarro!

I know it has to be weird for you, but you'd be amazed at how many bands are operating like we are these days. If you want a perfect example of just how much this sort of thing caught on, just look at Firewind. Mainstay guitarist Gus G. never physically met original vocalist Stephen Frederick until the band played their first show in Atlanta two years ago. By that time, the band had already released two albums without Frederick! He got to join them on stage for a few tunes when they played ProgPower that weekend.

I feel that if you have dedicated members, you can accomplish anything you want. That's why I'm in this band, and I know that's why you're in it, too. I can't wait to hang out with the entire band in a few weeks! I'll bet that even though some of us have never even been in the same room before, we'll be talking as if we've been neighbors for years.

Stay metal. Never rust.
Very true AL! I definately get that! Technology has made it a lot more practical to work in this sort of way. I think that it has opend the floodgates for musicians to unite that would never found each other any other way. I think it's awesome. But for me personally, this is my first long distance band relationship. It is taking some adjustment.
See ya in 2 days! good luck with the VOX tracks! I guess your plane lands in 6-7 hrs and you'll be singing in 8. Dustin's cracking the whip!!!