The Big Show - KatV's first gig with the new line-up, 8/8/08


Jul 28, 2002
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Okay, now I've got that out of the way.

There are many platitudes and superlatives I could drag out, but I'll be brief. That was the best damn Katagory V show (that I've been witness to) since the ProgPower IV pre-party all the way back in 2003 before A New Breed of Rebellion was even out. I certainly haven't seen Dustin and Curtis having so much fun on stage since then. Matt, well, Matt always looks like he's having the time of his life! (My Metal Brutha'!)

But what of the new guys? Mike complements Curtis on the six-string beautifully, with an easy back-and-forth that, no word of a lie, reminded me of Dave Murray and Adrian Smith. No battling egos, just two great players in sync.

And then there's Al. Met-Al, as we might know him here. Chatted with him a lot pre-show, and he's the nicest guy you could hope to meet, and surprisingly humble too. The audition clip proved he can sing, but the proof of the pudding is in the tasting, so they say... well, Al did a spectacular job, covering damn near every inch of that stage that I saw, and holy fuck can the man sing!

I realised later I'd been talking to him a lot and never actually introduced myself, so: hi Al, I'm Marcus, the British guy who was wearing the New Model Army t-shirt. :) And from one fan to another, you did a fantastic job, man, and I'm looking forward to seeing you again. :kickass:

I even managed to get some semi-decent pictures out of my antiquated Razr (silly me, I forgot my real camera):

Al, after removing his shirt and in a rare moment of not running around:

An extremely blurry Matt, taken from stage left:

Mike and Dustin:


Katagory motherfuckin' V, 2008 edition:

Awesome show, guys. Legendary. There may not have been many people there, but I'm pretty sure they're all gonna remember it. I sure as hell will. :headbang:
Oh yeah, I filched a setlist as well. For those not in attendance:

Sands of Time
Evil Princess
Kings of the Valley
Listen to You, Listen to Me
Crash Down
(new song)
Far Too Long (new song)
Sinister Seduction (new song)
Fading In...
Risk and Sacrifice
Thanks RL! I would have been there if I could, but alas, I have an internship site I must be at, so I was not able to join Al in Salt Lake City. Thanks for the review and photos! I'll have to live vicariousy through them until the Midwest Metal Anthem.

Are you going to that? :)
Thanks a ton for the review, Marcus!

For starters, Dustin did introduce us to each other not long after you arrived. It was an absolute pleasure to chat with you before the show. It helped me feel that much more comfortable being on stage with a new band.

In addition, I didn't know what kind of audience to expect, but I certainly wasn't disappointed. Those who attended seemed to thoroughly enjoy it (as long as they weren't on the patio with the guys from Melodramus! Well, at least I went over there briefly to entertain them, too!). I usually nitpick my own performances, and I do have my own gripes with this one, but I'm just glad that the audience and the band liked it. By the way, the band was absolutely solid. These guys are the best group of musicians with whom I've ever shared a stage. I can't wait to do it again in twelve days!

Stay metal. Never rust.
Maybe I'd nitpick more if I'd remembered to bring earplugs - they do so help the clarity. ;) But still, no-one ever comes offstage going "I just gave a perfect, flawless performance". And besides, that isn't really what it's about, is it? You did totally awesome, mate. :kickass:
Thanks for the show review Mr. Luna!

It was a great to have you out for the evening - as always, you are one of the die hards, and we would love to have more fans like you in the local scene. ...and you scored a setlist from the stage - I better not see that on eBay! LMAO! :p

Good pics too! It's interesting to see what the new line-up looks like from the audiance viewpoint.

Oh... and your new car is almost too much "metal" for one man! :lol:
There's a lot of metal under the hood, for sure. Five-point-seven liters of it. :kickass: 275 horses is one thing, 325 foot-pounds is definitely another that's arguably even more awesome. It's a little old and creaky but I love it.

And it was your setlist I purloined! Figured you were done with it. Might be valuable in years to come ;)

Great show, though, so glad I made it.