Do you have Opeth-inspired photos?


Jan 30, 2007
Do you have photos which you look upon and think "Damn... This should be the next cover of Opeth!"?

I have a few and here are the links: (do excuse those photos quality, i only have a Sony W30... :\)
those are from a delegation to Poland ive been to:
this is a rare moment in Israel, rain!:
I have a few cool black and white ones I took of the countryside around my college but they're not uploaded. I'll get around to it later. I have a few other ones that are uploaded and are cool too, here they are:
This one has more of a Porcupine Tree vibe I think but it's still cool hood/CIMG0083.jpg
From a graveyard near my house in Philly hood/CIMG0092.jpg
same graveyard
Inside a cathedral in Nuremberg, Germany
I know. My photo just screams "Deadwing."

it's from the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia though, not Wales.
Yeah, that's what I thought. It's cooler cause it's from Europe too unlike the rest of mine.

If somebody photoshopped that picture to be red-tinted and creepy looking it could pretty much be in the Still Life artwork.

And it made me think of GR too.
by the pain I see in others