All links to photos of Opeth - put them here please!


Some photos from concert in Tallinn (23/02/2009):

Here is the link to some of my pics from the show in Buenos Aires. I hope you like them and any feedback will be highly appreciated!.

Cool pics, Sotua!!


I just stumbled across the stuff from when Opeth played in 2005 the Sounds of the Underground Tour in Los Angeles. Anyone interested in seeing the lackluster photos?:lol:

just a few slapped together from May 17th Tucson, AZ show. Sorry if they are a little grainy. Taken on camera phone.
Well, I've been very busy with everyday life (job, child, etc). I finally buckled down and went through my Opeth pictures. It was no small task as I had around 250 pics to sift through, resize, enhance, etc.. It probably wouldn't have been so difficult if I had known a few things beforehand: I brought my long lens so I could hopefully get some good shots of Axenrot and Per... drummers/keyboardists get the least appreciation through photography so I was going to fix that.. Unfortunately, I didn't realize flash photography was prohibited. When I first got my photo pass they said I could use flash after the first 3 songs, then I tried to pull out my flash and was reprimanded.. no flash photography EVER.. oh well.. info I cold have used an hour before.. All I would have had to do was change my lens to let more light in but it was too late. I was unprepared but all in all, I still think I got some some pretty good shots. Hopefully, I'll be able to take photos for Opeth again and totally blow their minds with my skills.. :) Anyways, next time, and I AM hopeful, I will bring the correct equipment for no flash photography... I hope you all enjoy these photos. Thank you Opeth, especially Fredrik for the photo pass. You are my heroes!!
anyone know where can i find those old photos they used to have on the official website? photos of them on the studio and promos from the times of Orchid, Morningrise and MAYH?!