Do you have Opeth-inspired photos?

I think Katatonic's 'Funeral Portrait' one (6th on his list) is the most Opeth-esque so far. Nevertheless, plenty of fantastic photos here all round.

If I have any photos which fit this thread, it's probably these two:

First one is a vertical shot into some trees by the shore of the James River in Richmond, Virginia. Second is a hiking trail in Crozet, Virginia. I took the second one; a friend took the first.
Haha, yeah. That picture's incredible. I think they should give the creator a medal. :) I also had it as my background for a while.


my 2 cents
The last one with Jesus on the Cross would fit Opeth better than the other two. Btw, where is that taken? Looks like it would be from a mission in California somewhere.

It's from a church in Brittany, France... can't remember the name of the village though

thanks Sea Of Darkness :)
I took these pictures at a random place on the highway onto Atlanta, to see Slayer June 27th 2006-


This one I thought it would be cool to even slap an Opeth logo on, hahah:

this one i took on the way to my gf's work... its in Dorion, quebec lol... its not too opethy but i liked it...

that just SCREAMS opeth edit: yeah thats right, its an elvis lamp... wearing a bib
not really Opeth inspired...but i found Martin Lopez talking to an asian kid in Wine Class in my school....


edit.... here is an old photo i took...kinda opethesque, also, look at my sig

The first pic is from Rengen, a lake a couple of miles south of Linköping, Sweden where I live. The last three are from a another lake nearby called Järnlunden. I took them there last summer, in Juny I think. Very beautiful places in the summer indeed!