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Apr 14, 2001
Sydney, Australia
I picked up my first Dream Theater CD the other day, Scenes From A Memory, and my god, does it kick ass! I've head a couple of their songs on MP3 prior to this, and I haven't heard a bad song yet! Their musicianship is absolutely top-notch, as is their songwriting. I can't really find anything I don't like about this band -- their singer kicks ass, their drummer, guitarist, bassist and keyboardist own, and their songwriting is awesome!!

Is anyone else here a fan? If not, I strongly advise you check them out!

NP: Dream Theater -- Fatal Tragedy
Yep, Dream Theater's a great band. I've only been listening to them since 1996 but they were my favourite band for quite a while.

I've gone off them a bit in the last year or so - "Once in a Livetime" (their second live album) left a lot to be desired for me, and so I stopped listening to them for a while in something resembling a protest, although I did by Met 2 and liked it a lot. I think I've gone off prog metal a bit, though, and don't love the long, extended instrumentals as much as I used to.

My favourite album of theirs is probably "Images & Words" (not a dud song on there!) although "Awake" probably has the most songs that I consider to be my favourites - "Voices", "Lifting Shadows Off a Dream", "Space Dye Vest" and especially "Scarred", which has one of the all-time great guitar solos.

Their first album, "When Dream and Day Unite", has good songs on it but the production is lousy and Chuck D's vocals leave a lot to be desired. It has "A Fortune In Lies", "The Killing Hand" and a few other nifty tracks, though, so it's well worth a listen - there's a bootleg called "When Dream and James Unite", or something like that, with live tracks of all of the songs featuring James Labrie on vocals - haven't heard it, though, as I'm not exactly the world's biggest Labrie fan... of his live stuff, anyway :)

Any questions, let me know - I'll try and answer em!
Oh god, please dont bring up dream theater, Im begging you!
If that Sydo character sees this, im in trouble........... :eek:
Sweet, I didn't realise so many people were into them!

I've only had Scenes From a Memory for three days, and in that time it's the only CD I've listened to!! I've taken it out of the car, to the computer, to my stereo, then back to the car the next day!!

I was recommended to get Images and Words first, but the music shop only had SFAM -- needless to say, I don't regret it!
DT kick arse! I've been listening to them since '93.
Can't wait for the new album (it gonna be heavy again) pitty we have to wait til next year though

In DT related news, I just got hold of Mullmuzzler 2. Very good album.
The mix is a hell of a lot better than the first one. Great songs....
Mullmuzzler is James Labrie's side project.

It features Matt Guillory (Dali's Dilemma) on Keyboards, Brian Beller and Mike Keneally (Beer For Dolphins) on Bass and Guitars respectfully, and Mike Mangini (Steve Vai) on drums.

The tracks are written by members of Shadow Gallery, Matt Guillory, Trent Gardner (Magellan)

The first album showed some talent but wasn't much chop. The second one (to be released 11/9/01) is a lot better. Really good songs, etc.
Listening to Mullmuzzler 2 at the moment - quite good so far! I really liked the first one, and only found out recently about this one.

Despite what I said earlier, I quite like James Labrie's singing - just not on most of the live stuff I've heard him on (the live albums, a few bootlegs, etc). I think he was fantastic on the Winter Rose CD (his glam band before he joined DT).
I have 2 questions:
1: How the hell did you bastards get copies of Mullmuzzler 2,
2: Where the hell can I get a copy of Mullmuzzler 2?

Keep it to yourself is a killer album. I love it more than any other DT spin off album, with the exception of LTE 2!

Cant wait to hear it.
Also hanging out to get the new Jordan Rudess album which has a song with John Petrucci and Steve Morse BOTH on it!! Woo hoo.... it's like all my Christmas's have come at once!
I got an advance release version from a mate in the US. He knows somebody at Magna Carta. But I believe that all the songs are on Audio Galaxy.

The Jordan Rudess album "Feeding The Wheel" is due out late October, the 26th I think, but I hope to get hold of it pretty soon. There are samples for it up at magna carta. This album rocks from what I've heard.
All the instruments sound so awesome. But with the line up:
Terry Bozzio - Drums
Billy Sheehan - Bass
John Petrucci - Guitars
Steve Morse - Guitars
Jordan Rudess - Keys

+ violins, etc.

This album will be close to the best of the year.
Hmmm... there seems to be an interesting trend of ex-Zappa musicians running throughout Dream Theater side-projects and progressive music in general. Terry Bozzio and Mike Keneally are both Frank Zappa-raised musicians, not to mention Steve Vai...

The second Mullmuzzler is better, eh? Hmmm...

Oh, I'll add that I agree that SFAM is DT's best work.