Driving Music

Doesn't really matter, i'll put anything on.

Lately i had From Mars to Sirius by Gojira on which has been fantastic.
if we are talking about longer drives like highway settings the best and only good music to listin to is doom/sludge. i like passing the time by listing to ISIS or mouth of the architect and just look straight ahead and get lost in that shit.
I like to put on Merzbow and Masonna at the loudest possible volume in traffic jams.
We have a 6 cd disc changer in the truck I drive, the cds that have been in it for a while are
Decapitated- Negation
Behemoth- The Apostasy
Emperor- IX Equilibrium
Some cd by Illdisposed
Some cd by Six Feet Under
Also I listen to the local classic rock station, sometimes if I drive in the morning I listen to the Bob and Tom Show, so f-ing hilarious.
Driving is practically the only time I listen to metal these days. Part of this is because I prefer to play it loud, and I try to avoid annoying my neighbors with loud music when I'm at the apartment. Additionally though, metal is very physical music to me, and I feel a need to be outdoors and/or doing something when I hear it. It's just not the same when I'm sitting on my ass in front of the computer.

That said, pretty much any genre goes when I'm in the car. It just depends on my mood and/or the driving environment.
I like to put on Merzbow and Masonna at the loudest possible volume in traffic jams.

I can just imagine the looks on the other drivers faces when they hear noise blasting from your car. :lol:

On shorter trips such as to and from work, it really depends on my mood. On road trips, I try to go for a decent mix of black metal, sludge and classic rock. When I get tired of those, I try to find a classical music radio station.