How do you go about bumping heavy metal music from your vehicle while driving?

Frank the tank said:
i blew out the speakers in my car, cause it never gets loud enough for me - anywhere - car included, besides it's funny to see the getto people get pissed off or freked out when they hear angel of death at 130 decibels, last year my friend accidently blocked in some getto gangbanger bitch and she had to hear necrophagist at 140 decibels or some shit right next to her head for like a minute straight , pretty goddam funny . if you like metal , crank it up. besides it always makes me drive way faster too.
:lol: Angel of Death at 130db? That's for Pussies. Try listening to Dr. Feelgood at 140db. LoLz0rz:lol:
Mike27 said:
ahhhhh, i love sirius. they have the best comedy channels
Mike27 said:
ahhhhh, i love sirius. they have the best comedy channels
I miss being able to listen to Beyond The Pit on Sirius Hard Attack here at college, I can only listen to it on Fridays and Saturdays.:cry:
i listen to it really loud, with the windows up and the a/c on.
Fuck the windows up, you gotta keep the windows down, so the whole world can hear just what the fuck you're listening to. Especially if you're listening to a rediculous 80's band like Motley Crue, Nitro, or Extreme. :lol:

Especially Nitro, and ESPECIALLY Machine Gun Eddie. The whole world deserves to hear that singer belt out a 2 minute face melter. :lol:
Alex78 said:
I'm sorry but I think that's pathetic.
I have a standard CD radio thing and that's totally sufficient. there's no need to show other people how awesome you are for listening to DM/BM.
do you try to look grim, too?

Me too. I don't see the point in turning up my music so that everyone else can hear. I don't like when they do it, so why would I do it?

Doesn't make you look cool, makes you look really dumb.