How / Where do you listen to Music?

On the computer almost all the time.. iPod during travel, etc. I've been away working on a project since the last 6 weeks, so its just the iPod for now.
Mostly at work, since that's where I am most of the time. But I listen a lot when I'm at home, too, since I live in a big house. It's kinda scary when you're all alone...
At the computer (laptop now) with iTunes. When I walk places or take the bus, iPod. When I'm in the car driving alone, I blast CD's.

Every other night I tend to listen to a full album on my iPod while lying in bed before I go to sleep. I do this most often with newly-acquired albums.
My computer - even though I still live at home, I have some great speakers that my parents tolerate, and prefer it to my stereo, unless with friends.

MP3 player - mandatory for going anywhere beyond taking out the trash.

I don't do the driving thing just yet, but when I do... :heh:
I listen to music on a 5 disk cd changer in my room with two floor speakers or on headphones.
My stereo has been malfunctioning badly for quite a while now. Some sort of mechanical problem, I guess, with the tray; inserting a disc triggers constant CD swapping and spontaneous ejection:erk:
I think as a result of being in college, I really despise people who walk around and do everything with their ipods on and just shutting the world out.

college breeds anti socialness