How Do You Listen to Metal?

1) I usually listen to it on my pc when im at home but when im going out or something I bring my mp3 player

2) Sometimes I listen to consecutive albums. Like if a band I like has released a new cd, I'll listen to it 10-20 times and then switch to shuffle mode :p
Ill listen most of the day if Im home, Ill usually pop a cd into my comp or before I go to bed.
A) Extreme metal is usually for the car, as my wife hates it, and I don't like to impose it on my baby girls. Sometimes late at night, though my "new" "stereo" doesn't have a headphone jack :cry:

B) Whole albums - that's just how I roll. Plus, you hit singles types will destroy music for sure. In the past, I'd occasionally listen to shuffle if going for a party atmosphere or warming up for a show, but aforementioned stereo only plays single discs anyway....
1) At home on the PC in MP3 form, through the speakers ofcourse. I use my MP3 player when out and about, riding my bike, or working out.

2) 95% of the time, FULL ALBUMS! On the odd occasion I'll skip tracks I really don't like. For example, I'm listening to Drudkh's Blood in Our Wells as I type this, and like every other time I've listened to it, I skip the first and last track. Also, as my MP3 player is many years old it only holds 256mb! So I mix it up a bit on there. Usually only has 1 or 2 tracks from each band.
Zephyrus said:
Two part question.

1) How do you listen to metal most of the time? At work, on the go, in your car, or at home? Do you normally use headphones or speakers?

2) Do you tend to listen to consecutive albums as a whole or do you mix up your favorite songs with mix cd's or mp3 shuffle functions?

1. Sit here at the computer and listen. At work usually,I work at a gym,and I work out after my shift,so listening to fast music helps when I'm on cardio equipment such as treadmills and elipticals. Secondly,on the go. I take public transportation,so I put on my headphones to drown out the idiots on the bus.

2. First,I listen to an album,then I take my favorite songs off that album,and put it into a playlist. Mix cd's with various artists work the most for me,because I can't stand to listen to one band for so many hours.
Of course, to a degree, but it's not always necessarily to listen to everything in context. Sometimes the randomness is fun and reintroduces you to old favorites that you've ignored for a while.
I'll admit that I often do zone out during an album and tend to ignore the second half of it, which often means I don't have any appreciation for any great songs towards the end of an album. But I still can't bring myself to just randomise, I can't stand the idea of going from Bathory to Pelican to Entombed to Spear of Longinus to Sunn. It'd be worse than listening to the radio.
Having only ever listened to complete albums, I'm seldom in the mood for a particular specialised "style" of music, I get in the mood for bands or specific albums. I don't seem myself breaking that habit anytime soon.

But I might try randomising a given album, just to see how that works out.
I usually listen to metal at home on my laptop or in my stereo (both are in the livingroom and my laptop is actually wired into my stereo). I also have an iPod and I listen to "softer" stuff like Amorphis on the way to and from language class.

I try to listen to albums the whole way through if I know I have time. If I don't I will put iTunes on party shuffle and just listen to a few songs. Same goes with my iPod.
I usually listen to full albums when I have time and im on my pc.
same goes when i'm out and about, tho I tend to skip more because i'm not sitting on my ass. I rarely listen to shufflemode, i want to know what the heck is coming up at all times.

I can't wait to buy a good home audio and portable system. I think i'll be getting a portable one first because it's so much cheaper.
Most of the time on my comp with headphones. Allways full albums(loop songs I really like).Sometimes in my CD player (mostly when I want to disturb my neighbors or I've been woken up by the damn lawn mower).
Also in my car on my way to school or store or wherever. I love the looks I get from passerbys and people rolling up their windows when I pull up next to them at the stop light, when I'm blasting Deicide or Nile.
If i listen to an album i have to hear it from start to finish. I find listening to music on the computer goes in one ear and out the other. Discman and home stereo are the go (i sit down and listen to albums while doing nothing else when i first get them, and when i sleep)

My car audio isn't very good, but it is still good enough to kill my non metal passengers, but not good enough for the clarity one desires when dissecting an album.

I never shuffle.
I appreciate loud kick ass metal but I really can't stand it when people blast it in their cars for seer amusement of other drivers. It is just as bad hearing any kick ass death metal song as it is hearing a high bass rap song in a passing car. Thank fucking god I don't have to put up with that anymore.
1) In the games room, in the bath or in the car. Rarely on the computer. I usually use whichever room I am in stereo - each room except for the utility room and toilets have one. I occasionally listen to the mp3 player, but then only when on the move, on shuffle all tracks.

I also create 100 track platlists on the mp3 player - so I can use them as soundtracks for my xbox 360 games. The Pro Evo soccer 6 soundtrack IST KRIEG! FUSSBALL IST TOTAL KRIEG!