How Do You Listen to Metal?

I always try to listen to full albums without ever skipping or shuffling the tracks, because I like to feel all the songs play off & compliment each other as they were originally intended to. For the most enjoyable experience I'll sit back in my rocking-chair, play the album loud through a decent pair of headphones, & just stare into the cover art or read along with the lyrics while holding them up.

I don't always have enough time to myself to do that, but I'm also happy listening while I'm working, working out, travelling, when I'm in bed or on the computer, & when I'm not using headphones I can listen in the car or on my home stereo too. It's all good.
1. I listen to metal on my computer, CD player if I'm running or on a long trip, and in my car whenever I drive.
2. I listen to full albums when I run, drive, or am on a trip somewhere. Most times I listen to full albums, I'd listen to Morbid Angel-Covenant all the way through if not for Nar Mattaru, that song makes me sleepy. I listen to mostly individual tracks from various things on my computer inlcuding Windows Media Player, black metal radio, MySpace, and my CD's.
1. Most listening is done at home, music listened to during driving is secondary. If I feel like really paying attention to the music, I will put on headphones, but usually it is listened through the stereo.

2. I prefer the 'gestalt' way of listening to music... basically, listening to consecutive albums as a whole.
Yea only full albums

And I will listen to metal as much as I can anywhere. Mainly on the computer and with headphones. Nothing else is special on how I listen to metal, so I won't my breathe and your time
1. I listen to metal while I take my walks and before I go to bed, on my bed. I listen to it with my iPod. If I'm home alone I'll listen to music on the computer.

2. Sometimes I listen to albums if I am in the mood which is like 15% of the time. For the most part I just listen to a few songs/ band. Listen to music about 2 hours a day.
The Greys said:
1. mainly on my stereo set up,diskman/headphones.

1. i listen to a cd until it boring or just listen to specific songs.

I don't have a car to listen to music in it. I have not had a job in 3,4 months so I can't make myself grow up. My incompetence shining and making me obsolete. I am now a ghost slipping into the past while every day passes. I don't have to find security in past desolation because i'm now a memory and past. The world is just industrial and business and it's trying to use me or make me futile by demenstrating my lack of talent. I'm just going to grow out my hair now.

Your an inspiriation to all.
Zephyrus said:
1) How do you listen to metal most of the time? At work, on the go, in your car, or at home? Do you normally use headphones or speakers?

In the car.

2) Do you tend to listen to consecutive albums as a whole or do you mix up your favorite songs with mix cd's or mp3 shuffle functions?

In the car, whole albums..skipping some tracks. Portable player is usually on shuffle. And yeah, I 've made mixed CDs before.
1. I usually listen at home on my stereo, or on my Ipod at work

2. I listen to music all the time, I usually do the shuffle thing with my Ipod, occasionally listening to full albums when I'm in the mood.
I mainly listen off my crappy speakers in my dorm room. Usually I attempt to get through full albums, but I don't always have the 45 minutes or so to do that. I used to be more Ipod dependant, but my headphones always break. I can barely go a year before one of the ears goes out. I don't know what I'm doing, but I won't even bother to spend more than $20 on headphones when I've had such bad luck. The $80 noise cancellers I got one time lasted 3 months tops.
Recently it's been full albums on my mp3 player with good headphones while on this laptop.
Rarely with my headphones on,mostly on the stereo, the PC is a second choice for albums I only have in MP3, and I usually listen to entire albums rather than a collection of songs from different albums/bands
1) Usually I listen to my metal in the form of mp3s on my computer. I've got a decent set of speakers and a fairly meaty subwoofer, so I've found I've gotten more into brutal death metal recently - so much more satisfying when the kick drums feel like machine-gun hits to the chest.

2) Typically I shuffle a shitload of songs by different artists - although if I'm supposed to be reviewing stuff, I'll sit and listen to the albums all the way through.
1. Headphones when walking around town, college, where ever
If on comp or in my room I listen to it on speakers.

2. I usually listen to all my albums on the comp but just choose different ones every song. E.g. Im listening to Die Hard the Hunter - Def Leppard, before that it was Final Product - Nevermore etc.
My mp3 player is all mixed up songs though.
I mainly listen to my iPod on the way to and from school. I have the iPod on shuffle when I am doing this. I also listen to metal as a I go to sleep, and here I listen to full albums (although I often fall asleep before the end :p)
1.These days, mainly in my car but when home and I get the lounge room to myself its on the stereo accompained by the odd outburst of headbanging - I try to hear at least one album at home a night - When at home I find metal sounds even better when I have a cold beer or any kinda liquor in my hand! My ears ring too much for headphones so no ipod or other techincal abominations for me.

2. full albums exclusively and no I'm not telling you what kinda car i drive!
Loud on stereo in My bedroom particularly when by myself with stack of free time, may chuck on in rush before work
I find myself playing the same CD's over, but thry to play diversity
I tend to play around with tracks skip to one to another, repeat ones om loving or fancing

I would crank up in a car hypothetically, don't have license yet. VAnity
Zephyrus said:
Two part question.

1) How do you listen to metal most of the time? At work, on the go, in your car, or at home? Do you normally use headphones or speakers?

2) Do you tend to listen to consecutive albums as a whole or do you mix up your favorite songs with mix cd's or mp3 shuffle functions?

1). Usually in I listen the car with speakers when there is no sporting event. Home with speakers, but on the go I usually use mp3s.

2). At home I tend to let songs run through, but on the go I shuffle around extensivly.