Metal Genres - Do You Care?

As many before me said music genres are only good as a means of direction and nothing else. After I hear something the only thing that matters is if I like what I hear or not, it doesn't matter what kind of music it is.
I think they're useful, but people keep making new ones up. Braindance considers themselves progressive darkwave, but they're really just doom. I really don't get why they make up new ones; if people don't know what their "genre" means they are less likely to check them out. I think we should just stick with the major ones, and bands that fit into two should be noted that way, like technical death, or progressive thrash, etc. Speed is thrash, grindcore is death, viking is black, etc. Sure, they are slightly different, but the basic sound is the same. That's what I do, and I think it'd be less confusing if everyone else did, too.
For me, genres is for direction but nowadays, most of the bands have created differences although it's labelled as the same genres to the other bands.
I don't care about what kind of metal the band is producing as long as I like the band's materials...
I try to stay away from subgenres! I listen to Metal and some alternative! I don't like subgenres cause they cause way too many fuckin someone will say that a band is a certain subgenre and another will disagree and they'll go on for hours about it! Who cares? Listen to what sounds good and don't waste yer time trying to place it in a category!
I don´t care about the labels put on bands... If I like it I listen to it.. if not I don´t. I think far too many people are too relying on labels and paying attention to them to really just enjoy the music.