Necessary genres of metal

Since this has turned into a "what do you listen to?" thread,

Black Metal
Brutal Death
Iron Maiden

but mostly the first and the last.
Symbolic is the only Death album I deem worth listening to. Crystal Mountain is great at the very least.
I meant the lesser known bands

What lesser known bands are you talking about. Carnage? Cemetary? Desultory?
Grave? Crypt of Kerberos? Not to be an asshole, but i know a lot of lesser known scandinavian bands and i think death's leprosy is right up there with all of them. Maybe not Grave- Into the Grave.
Is Finland considered part of Scandinavia?
If so, then Demigod,Amorphis, Cadaver,Molested, Necrophobic, Unanimated, Therion, Desultory, Afflicted,Unleashed,Seance,God Macabre,Eucharist, At the Gates all strike me as being better or at the very least equally as good as Death's Human which is my favorite Death album.
I don't think much of Grave and Carnage though