How do you listen to your metal?

I only listen to limited edition vinyl played though an optical turntable and a 3000 watt pair of 5 way tower speakers. Kidding of course, I use my laptop or iPod and headphones most of the time. Sometimes I plug the laptop into my surround sound system via HDMI, and other times I plug a flash drive into the USB port of my Sony in-dash stereo in my car. Late at night is really the only practical time for me to listen to music, because being a family man makes it impractical for me to ignore everyone around me a and listen to music during the day. Besides, during the day I prefer listening to NPR anyway. I have a decent sized LP collection that is being sadly neglected, and I keep telling myself I'll get a new turntable, but I have yet to do so.
When I listen to music at the end of the day it is through my computer with my favorites ripped from the cd in lossless FLAC format and anything else in mostly 320kbps MP3. Hooked up to the computer is a headphone tube amp for my AKG K702s. I still use cds in the car since the system is still stock and the aux input is broken and wont let me use my portable player.

I also have a Zune with a pair of Shure SE530 earbuds for on the go listening.
My primary use for at home listening is my computer with a pair of Razer gaming headphones that encase both ears. On the go I listen to my zune with some decent ear buds, and when I drive I plug my zune up to my car stereo.
The 14 speaker Bose system in my car or via my PS3 which is then funneled through my home theater receiver..which I need to upgrade.