how do you listen to music?

I listen to my iPod when I am riding the bus, the train or walking to and from work.

Sometimes I wish that my iPod had a function like the T9 Function on my cell phone, that way I can start typing in what I am looking for instead of having to scroll and scroll. It would be a better search function. With 60 GB, I have a lot of music and it's a little tedius to find what I am looking for.
at home i usually only listen to music when i'm on the computer, then it's the only thing on.

at work it's just in the background since i can't hear when i'm paged if i have it loud (they should have put a speaker in my office).

in the car i've usually got it way too loud and am pissing people off.
Intoxicator said:
I listen to music in the car, working out, while on the computer, and any chance I get really.

It's odd, I used to listen to music when working out. But then I started to associate the music with the exercise, and as a result, the pain. And when I would listen to the music, without the exercise, it just reminded me of the pain I felt when I was working out. So I stopped listening to music when working out.
ipod and the itrip is definitely the best way to go - go to your mates house and take over the stereo!!!
i plug up my guitar and try to pick out the guitar solos in the songs while they are playing. I also love improvising solos over tracks. I dont play many games or watch tv. the only time im really on the computer is to post on here.
Turning on the music is the first thing I do in the morning, turning off - the vlast before I fall asleep. I listen to it as a background to everything I do but also often I turn off the lights and concentrate on music.
I listen to music when driving (much music does not work for me that way :( ), or with headphones when i am walking. Also sometimes when i am working or sitting around...
The best listening experiences are imo when i am alone in the forest (how cliche'd - but it works), or with headphones at home, concentrating only on the music...