How do you find new music?

How do you find new music?

  • I buy cds on recommendations from friends

    Votes: 20 14.4%
  • I download sound files to preview

    Votes: 79 56.8%
  • I only buy cds from band I *know* I like

    Votes: 17 12.2%
  • I take a chance and buy CDs blindly.

    Votes: 23 16.5%

  • Total voters
I never buy my CD's because of reviews in the so called rock mags.
If I did that I would never have bought Paradise Lost's - BIN (a very, very good album) after Kerrap mag gave it one K.:mad:
Originally posted by edhunter_uk
if i'd have had the net at the time there is no way i would have payed a 'kin penny for LOAD & RE-LOAD

You mean you heard Load and went ahead and bought Re-Load anyway??!! :)

Yeah Metal Hammer does indeed suck arse these days. It used to be alright, but I flicked through a new imported copy of it the other day and it was complete fucking crap, the whole lot of it.
Doors is only real Rock'Roll band. I have all they're production. In origanal form and in cd's. Sadly originals are at my brothers house...
I didn't answer the poll, because I don't know if hearing songs over Internet radio counts as downloading...sometimes I buy CDs without hearing anything beforehand, but only with a recommendation and knowledge obtained from impulse buying for me.
I just use this page ---->>> and the judgements of people whose tastes match mine most of the time. Just based on metal. Basically my home online since 1999. I also look at lots of reviews online. Magazines suck. I have been buying blind for a long time and have a great strike-rate. Maybe 6-7 stinkers over the last few years. Then I can always trade.

NP:Overkill - Bloodletting blind buy but I know the previous material band ;)