How do yo ulisten to your music?


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Jul 24, 2003
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How do you listen to your music?

On the road I use an MP3 CD player and 100$ Sony headphones that I got for 20$. Decent sound quality and battery life.

At home I've got a record player in my room connected to my gaming speakers, which are decent pair of altec lansing 5.1 speakers. XBox also has a good amount of music and is connected to it. I've got my computer which has a 6.1 sound card and a 5.1 logitech speaker setup that is really nice. This is where I listen to the majority of my music. I have quite a few gigs of MP3's and everyone of my CD's ripped to my computer in .aac format.

We also have a nice Pioneer sound system downstairs which is where I go if I really want to listen to my records on a quality system. I sometimes use it for CD's though I usually just listen to my cd's off my hard drive.

What about you?
When i'm not home or my car I use an MP3 CD player (Emerson) with sony headphones (since the ones it brought got damaged). When i'm on my car I play them on my Pioneer system and when i'm home I usually use my computer to listen to music. Usually MP3's or songs in WMA format.
Yep I've been using MP3's for a while now, but I recently started testing out .aac and it sounds better than a 192 mp3 when it's ripped at 128, so it saves a ton of space.
.aac? what kind of format is that? (and how can I rip my cd's in that format?)

(sorry if this sounds dumb :p, but i'm just not a tech buff when it comes to music)
i play the cd and listen to it...

primarily on my computer, cuz i have the best speaker system of the things in my room. ive got a table top cd player which i use for an alarm occasionally and a disc man i use when i goto town. i just got a mini disc player but i really dont intend to use it. we also have a big cd player in the living room with a nice set up of big speakers.
Ultimate_Symphony said:
.aac? what kind of format is that? (and how can I rip my cd's in that format?)

(sorry if this sounds dumb :p, but i'm just not a tech buff when it comes to music)

Download the latest version of winamp.

Then you need a keygen for it. Just try a site like or something, or google for Winamp5 keygen.

Then go to preferences and tell it to rip in .aac and so on.

Afterwards to rip, put in the cd and open up the media library and go to cd.
that .aac format sounds good, ill have to check it out.

I have a very old stereo in my room that works most of the time, a shitty discman, and why my parents go out i hi-jack the massive stereo in the lounge room and terrorize the neighbours.

The best thing i have is my computer with all my mp3's. The speakers are shit but i use my good quality headphones most of the time.
Yup, I really want to hook my XBox or build another computer and and hook it up to our sound system, because the conveniance of it all being right there ont he hard drive paired with the good sound system would be nice.

I love those summer days when your neighbors are out gardening and you're blasting black metal with your front door open on your deck headbanging to Immortal. :D
home: mp3s on my computer (i've got 100 gigs right now). i've got a 7.1 system hooked up to my computer so it sounds pretty good.

car: i've got a decent system with 2 10's in my Durango that sounds pretty fucking good. right now i've got a Pioneer mp3 player in it.

the only time that i actually use cds is when i rip them, other than that i only use mp3s.
Looks liek we're about the same Evil, I never use the real CD either except for ripping and I've got something around 90 gigs of music mp3's, wma's, aac's, mpeg's, avi's and so on.
I just got a pioneer home theater system with 5.1 dts surround sound, and ive plugged everything into it. Its unbelievable.
At home..i'm usually on my computer so I listen to my winamp player, or when I'm in my room I play my cd's on my "boombox"

Or in the's my aiwa cd player..but if my brother is driving (my parents don't like loud music.) I put in the cd player thing and turn it way up.
Heh, my brother has a minidisc player and he really likes it, but I'll hold off on getting one until my cd player breaks. :p