How do yo ulisten to your music?

When I'm at my computer I use Winamp. Occasionally if I'm playing a game or something I'll get my headphones so I can listen to a CD while I play.

When I'm in my room I play CD's on my stereo.

When I'm in my car I have music playing constantly on the stereo.
I'm really low-tech on the road. I still use the tape player that came pre-installed in my car. Most of the time, I listen to music through my computer (whether or not I'm actually using the computer) or sometimes through my Discman if I'm in bed or out and about.
In my room i use the computer or my mp3 player, in the living room, i use my Sony System, but after my brother got married ,i am not listening to the Sony much, everybody hates me playing loud music :loco: :headbang: o_O
I got a CD player in my truck. and i ALWAYS have a couple CD's with me, as i CANNOT stand listening to the radio anymore.

Then at home i've got my 5-disc Aiwa stereo, which is always full.

Whether i'm just kicking back and relaxing, watching a movie (and turning the subtitles on), or playing video games, I've always got to have some metal playing.

It's a shame i can't take my music with me to work!
Playing tunes on anything else but my home stereo system just don't cut it. For metal, especially, it needs strength and volume.
My system has suffered over the years. In 91 I got a real nice Technics component system but now all that's left of it is the duel tape deck (fucked up), EQ, Tuner (never use it), and the turntable which I keep stored away for a spare. I'm using a 20 year old Fisher 100wt amp to power everything and a 15 year old Sony Disc player. I've been playing my vinyl on this great quality Kenwood KD-550 but I can't seem to get the armature adjustment correct on it so it won't skip on the slightest friggen nick on the record so I'm going to switch back to my JVC Linear L-E600 that I've had forever and a day and never have had a problem with. I really miss the original Technics amp because it had a bit more power and a surround system built in but sadly it shit the bed years ago. But this old Fisher does pretty good at rattling the windows in my small house so I can't complain too much.
My last car had nothing but the factory radio in it hence I listened to nothing but road noise since radio sucks ass. Now the car itself is fried making me a pedestrian. I've never had a CD player in a vehicle anyways. The best system I had was in my 78 T-Bird that had an old Alpine tape deck and cheep power booster. Oh well...shit happens. Perhaps in the next one I'll get something decent.
My life generally revolves around my computer, so I listen to mp3s on WinAmp. That's good because I have about 7 GBs of music, with around 1,400 songs. That's fuckin' decent for a 12 GB computer I think. :lol:

In the room where I do homework and such, I use a Creative Labs mp3 player with a 6GB harddrive. I have some Creative Inspiron 2.1 2400 speakers connected to the mp3 player. It's actually a very decent and affordable setup.

In my computer room, I have a not-so-good AIWA stereo, which I use for my CDs. I've got some great Harman Kardon 2.1 (with "fake" surround and EAX) speakers connected to my PC, and I use Winamp to play my MP3s (I've got around 500 albums on my PC).
I listen to my CD's and MD's on my Aiwa stereo. Tis a pretty good piece of kit, the only bad thing about it is it hasn't got an equaliser to fully tinker with the sound and when i listen to Jungle/Drum n Bass it can't always play the really deep and low bass lines. I can plug my Gamecube, Xbox and PS2 audio jacks into the back of it when I want some serious sounds for gaming. But i mainly only do that for watching DVD's on my PS2.

I've got over 13gb of music on my PC which i just listen to thru my crappy speakers. I'm thinking of buying a decent sound card and speaker+sub woofer system, but only once i get a constant stream of money coming in. I regularly burn albums and my own compilations to CD-RW to listen to in my car or to record onto MD.

In my car i just have a Sony Xplod CDX-L410 in silver with Red back light and 2 Sony Xplod XSF-6942 6x9's in my parcel shelf. I've got two 5" speakers and 2 tweeters in the front of the car that came already fitted. I'd like to get a Sub woofer but I currently don't have a spare £200+ and need the boot space.

When I'm at college or walking to the gym I just listen to music on my Sharp MD-MT170 Mini Disc player. Its compact-ish and has a good battery life and plays all types of music well.