How do you listen to your metal?


My name is sorrow.
Apr 26, 2011
I mean the entire setup. Location, time of day, mood, medium of delivery, audio equipment. I'm curious how GMD imbibes its daily helping of abrasive music.

For me, the majority of my listening is done at night while I wind down for sleep (odd or not? I dunno). I have headphones plugged into a laptop, with a Fiio E6 amplifier connected to a pair of Etymotic HF3 phones, and I almost always listen via MOG. I don't own any physical media, the last CD I bought was years and years ago. If I can't find a given album on MOG, I'll usually buy it through Amazon MP3 or, barring that, you know the alternatives.

The only time I really -ever- hear my music in a more open environment is in my car, when I have the ol' smartphone plugged into the car stereo's auxiliary input. Hardly ideal, but it's nice to once in a while hear the music actually envelop me, even if the speakers and amplification aren't as well-made as the little amp/phones.

Howzabout you guys? I'm sure we've gotta have some vinyl lovers and people with big hi-fi rigs.
I typically play music on my computer, ipod or even discman (as I own a lot of CDs), and almost always with headphones on. I've got some vinyl but currently haven't got a record player.

I prefer listening to music at night but I pretty well listen to music all day unless I am not able to. I find I enjoy music the most when going for leisurely walks at night or when doing some mindless activity like dishes or cleaning. I think this is because the music registers more effectively on a conscious level as well as on a subconscious level.
I have a couple different setups that i use, a nice Bose system that's hooked up to me laptop that i'm currently using, two Sony shelf systems in the house, and a ipod that usually goes with me everywhere.

Time dosnt really matter to me, but one things for sure is that i have to get my morning doseage everyday, i wake up to riffs.
iPod with earbuds pretty much anytime I'm out of the house. At home, computer speakers or headphones. Any time of day. When at home I put on the entire album. When I'm on my ipod sometimes I'll do that, but often I'll use shuffle or listen to specific songs.
At home I use a computer, usually with a pair of speakers, headset if needed. Time of the day doesn't matter, basically anytime I'm not otherwise occupied. Other than that if I'm out of the house, I'll listen to it on my smartphone with some crappy earbuds (gotta get some new ones).
At home I primarily listen to metal through my pc. I've got a decent logitech six speaker system that can be adjusted to sound good. In my truck I listen to CD-R. Every six months or so I burn some new cds and try to change up the selection. When I use my mp3 player I like to play music in the shuffle mode.

I have to admit that listening to music on my pc and mp3 player has changed my music purchasing habits. I can't remember the last time I was in a record store. Outside of buying a cd at a concert, nearly all the music I have bought in the last six months have been digital downloads through Amazon or the Zune Marketplace.
Actually some of you bring up a good point, too. Lately I've ONLY listened to full albums. I haven't done a shuffle or mix in quite some time.
Usually either through my turntable or through my ipod. Last night I did something that I haven't done in a long time. I got a good sized stack of cds, put on my headphones, I laid in bed and just listened to music for a good few hours.
My floor speakers are not set up because am missing either the receiver or the disk changer(can't remember at the moment). I use Headphones plugged into my Laptop. Or computer speakers which I actually plug into the wall and diskman when not wanting to be on the comp, they have a sub-woofer and sound pretty good for being relatively small.
I use a lot of different styles when listening to my music. Most of the time I'm just putting a CD into my computer and listening to them through my headphones. Other times I'll put the CD in a stereo system and blast it while playing Skyrim or something.

For vinyls I have my own record player and bookshelf speakers. I like to listen to music while I sleep so I often put an album on my record player or my little boom box quietly and let the music soothe my mind. Ambient, Darkwave, and Black Metal are pretty much what I listen to when sleeping.
A Sony system in the apartment, it's not too loud but works pretty well. This is what I use the most.

Going to work or coming home in the car, I've got a decent system, spent some more to get it together. I usually plug in the Ipod. Don't spend much time driving, though.

The laptop is also an option, with a pair of Sennheiser phones.
When I'm at home it'll always be through my comp with some good sound isolating earphones, and I'll listen to any type of metal.

When I'm in my car I will plug in my 160gig ipod, and I usually feel the need to blast anything heavy. If I happen to be flying down the highway at high speeds, I'll put on some fast and aggressive death metal, thrash, or black metal in the vein of Marduk. Fucking exhilarating.
I usually put on clothes that I stole from dead people's graves and then I go into the graveyard and use a candleabra for light and then I blast Mutilation on my old walkman.
At home with a few beers,which sadly is'nt often enough.I'm away for half the year and no-one is interested where I work,although I have come across one dude at sea who loves his black/death metal.I got a pretty sweet sound system at home and can crank it as loud as I want.
mostly at the computer through some bad Creative speakers.
So you guys need to give me some info on some nice 2.1 computer speakers

I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of Klipsch but I heard these and was pretty impressed. When I upgrade I'm almost definitely buying them.

Klipsch makes a lot of great products. Their s4's are the best in-ear headphones you can get for under $100, IMO.