How do you listen to your music?


Oct 28, 2009
I listen to basically everything through itunes, my ipod or my Xbox 360. I've basically never used my CD player since I got my ipod. What about you?
Mainly on my computer since my ipod is only playing through one side of my headphones unless I hold the jack in a specific and awkward way.
Computer(Foobar 2000), my ipod for when I go places, or during work after the store closes, my cd player, and finally my record player.
Lot of the time on PC thru itunes either when exercising or web surfing of course...otherwise cd player in the car or at home. I keep it fairly simple, don't really have many new tech gadgets etc. I choose not to use an ipod or anything when to (safely) hear whats around me...traffic etc. I prefer to mainly listen to live cd / dvd's thru my home entertainment stereo system very loudly of course...get that live feelin.
I use winamp through my computer. When I am out and about I use my iPod. I always have winamp and iPod on shuffle.
At one point i accidentally bought a $40,000 stereo so i figured i'd use it. I normally block every source of light by taping over LED's and putting towels under doors and triple layering any windows with thick fabric. I then unplug my fridge and sit in complete darkness in a manly way and don't move until the album is over. The Room of Doom is the only way.
Itunes and headphones while surfing the interwebs and Ipod in the car/ at work/ in bed/ any other time I can either be around my car or sneak headphones on