Drummer needed urgently


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Jan 26, 2004

Drummer need urgently for an Alternative Metal band. Must be able to get transport with equipment to Haverhill, so it is preferred that you either come from the Haverhill, Bury St Edmunds or Cambridge areas. Anyone who is interested will have to be able to drum metal, nu-metal and grunge/post-grunge beats. Must also be willing to get along with others and be able to put a beat to Guitar and bass riffs.

If you are interested please drop me an e-mail at markssocool123@hotmail.com

Please leave your name and any relevant contact details.

Thanks for your time.
I still have the chops to play alternaive and nu metal- but not in fucking England. It may be a more attractive offer if you post a little more about yourselves- this isnt costing you any time or money to post or anything.
Hey, None So Vile - we are not Percy Thrower, but Ionic do rock!! We are called Final Flight.

We don't mind who we have as a drummer.
Hey, Speed. I didn't quite understand what you meant by your reply. Please explain.

If you do need to know more about us, the here goes:
Influences included - Creed, P.O.D., Sevendust, etc.
Guitar tuning - DGCFAD (thickest/6 to thinest/1).
The sound of the music we play is a cross-over between Post-Grunge and Alternative or Nu-Metal.

If you have any more questions please e-mail to the address above (my original post).
No thats cool wht you wrote- i was just saying you can elaborate on the band as you dont have to pay to advertise or make copies or fliers etc.