Alternative, Nu or Rap Metal


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Jan 26, 2004
Hiya everyone. I've been in all the other parts of General Music Discussion, but everyone else is into Death Metal or Thrash Metal - is this the part of the site where there are people like, who are into Alternative, Nu or Rap Metal or at least the lighter side of metal? Also, I am in a band in Haverhill (Suffolk, UK) and we are looking for a drummer who can drum Alternative or Nu Metal beats, is preferred that they live in the Haverhill, Bury St Edmunds, or Cambridge area, must be able to get transport with equipment to Haverhill and be free on Sundays. Info about band: Style is somewhere between Alternative/Nu Metal and post-grunge, Guitar tuning (thickest string to thinest) D-G-C-F-A-D, we have material but work is needed so not yet ready for gigging. If you have any questions or are interested in drumming for us then e-mail me at
Cheers for your time,
Are you trying to be a clever little bastard and take the piss? Or have you just got a problem with metal-heads? If you are taking the piss then go back to the soil you crawled from, you maggot.
Hey, I've just read that back and it seriously sounds like you were trying to take the piss. Why do you have a problem with me? I hate people like you who always think they have to voice their oppinions, even if it does hurt people. I bet you're one of those teenage Death Metallers, who pretends not to give a f**k. I was actually talking to anyone interested when I was saying about the drummer, not idiots.
I've just realised what you're saying you freak, you're trying to suggest that people who play and listen to Nu-Metal are spasticated or that Nu-Metal it's self is spasticated.
What the hell is spasticated?

And how did you find this website? Possibly you should try some Korn or Ill Nino forum searching for a nu-metal drummer, you may have more luck than finding one here who actually wants to play nu-metal.
Ahh, how amusing this thread is... Lets guess who the teenager is here... Ill take a death metal kid over a nu metal kid anyday...
First: Numetal is not metal, just like hardcore isnt metal and classic rock isn't metal either. That doesnt mean you can't like it, but it probably shouldn't be discussed on other threads in this site. Who ever came up with the term "numetal" is probably some idiot on mtv (it wasnt called numetal when the genre started). It is really just heavy rock.

Second: To all the death metal freaks, If you ask someone who likes numetal what kind of music they like, the response you will most likely get is rock, not metal. I bet most of you have never heard more than a few songs, but find it fun to insult it. Thats just as bad as numetal fans who insult death metal becasue they say they cant understand what the singer is saying. And it doesnt just all sound like korn, i would say that the instruments are played in a very similar style to fear factory, just not as good, and the only time i've heard someone try to copy korn's vocal style are the newest in flames album and st. anger. Also notice that this is a non-metal thread, so its fine to discuss music that is not metal here.

My point: If you dont like something just say you dont like it and give reasons why, but stop making it a personal war, whether its numetal vs metal, Gothenberg vs death metal, death/thrash vs power. Instead of just insulting people, actually explain why you think the music they like is bad. And remember that this is the non-metal portion of this forum, so the point is to discuss music that is not metal, so let people discuss it here.
I agree, people love to hate anything in the numetal genre just because its cool to say "all numetal sucks, has no talent, and i hate it". Its just another genre. And it is also not the music that people listen to that dont know music. I listen to the heaviest of death metal and the softest of rock and i really enjoy some numetal bands. I hate some of it, but i also hate bands from every genre.

numetal is not always equal to korn. their are many other numetal bands out their that are not like korn at all (korn sucks).
i wouldn't argue with people that say "nu-metal isn't metal" if the bands they describe as "nu-metal" or "nu-metallish" don't actually qualify as metal. Nu-metal is too broad a term to make conclusions. For example, Linkin Park, metal? No. Slipknot, metal? Yes (whether you like it or not.) etc, etc....

what a useless term.