DTB - Synchestra


Apr 6, 2002
Fort Collins, CO
NP: Devin Townsend Band - Synchestra

Just got this in the mail from Hevy Devy Records. Thanks Tracey! ;)

First listen: Holy shit. What a cool record. There are so many cool moments on this album I can't wait to get into it more. The production absolutely rules, with Dev's trademark wall of sound fully in tact and more intricate musicianship than AE. I will be watching theb bonus DVD tonight, which should be really cool as well.

Will post more thoughts later. Standout track for me as of right now, is Pixilate.

Go out and buy this album. NOW.

Ok, after a few days of constant listening I freaking love this album. The opening track reminds me of something a modern day Paul McCartney would do, at least the acoustic parts. What a great melodic opening to the album. Triumph is really cool and as many have already pointed out Vai turns in a perfectly fitting solo to cap off this little diddy. Vampyra is awesome! I really like that song, maybe the most catchy/radio friendly song on the record. But its a burner! The Baby song is cool and funny and the same time. Lots of great melodies happening. I love Pixilate...lots of dynamics and cool instrumentation. The whole album is just brilliant. After hearing Alien by SYL, this really is the perfect balance. The hidden song at the end totally reminds me of Mama Kin by Aerosmith, at least the music. Fun song.

I also watched the DVD and its a VERY cool bonus to an album. The song slelection reminds me of the setlist from their ProgPower 3 setlist. Great song choices. And great performances. Havent found the easter egg yet though...

Anyway, just wanted to update my thoughts after having more time to digest this monster of a disc. Next, I will dig into the lyrics a bit more.