Enter Sandman Guitar Track


Educated Fool
Apr 17, 2001
Finally I finished my Enter Sandman rhythm track! I have uploaded it to EC's Myplay account. It still has some issues with the volume because I recorded it in five parts. But I think that you can fix it easily. :D
Cool Amon. You need to get Cooperman's attention. I believe he signed up to do the other rhythm guitar part and the leads as well as mixing. Soon as he does his part, the song should be another finished product! :)

I do believe he spends most of his time on the maiden downunder board.
Yes, that's right rabies... but I always check in here almost everyday too... just don't have anything to post.

From memory there was already another rhythm guitar part for this track... I was just gonna do the solos. Anyway I might need up to a month to get this done - kinda in the middle of breaking in a new guitar player for my band and recording our demo at the moment. If you guys wanna get it out of the way (it's been around for a while right?) then I'm happy for someone else(Sapper??) to give it a crack... if you can wait a few weeks then I'll get around to doing it eventually.

There are no other guitar parts on this one. Your memory applies to For Whom the Bells toll (virus did a track for that). This one is you and Amon all the way. :)

This one has been around for months. I'm sure another month won't kill anybody. ;)