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Earth. Soul. Rock n' Roll
Jan 26, 2003
London, UK
Essence of Progression (EoP) Tour 2009

29 Oct 09
Essen, Germany - Zeche Carl
Serenity | Spheric Universe Experience

30 Oct 09
Aschaffenburg, Germany - Colos Saal
Serenity | Spheric Universe Experience

31 Oct 09
Bielefeld, Germany - Movie
Serenity | Spheric Universe Experience

01 Nov 09
Pratteln, Switzerland - Z7
Serenity | Spheric Universe Experience

02 Nov 09
Munich, Germany -Backstage
Serenity | Spheric Universe Experience

04 Nov 09
Wroclaw, Poland - Firlej
Serenity | Spheric Universe Experience

05 Nov 09
Reichenbach, Germany - Bergkeller
Serenity | Spheric Universe Experience

06 Nov 09
Verviers, Belgium - Spirit of 66
Serenity | Spheric Universe Experience

07 Nov 09
Zoetermeer, Netherlands - Boerderij
Serenity | Spheric Universe Experience

08 Nov 09
London, England - Relentless Garage

Please post your pictures, videos, reviews and/or comments of the EoP Tour here. Don't forget to mention which gig you attended.

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Omg! Spheric Universe Experience? Awesome! I was afraid I would've to drive to France eventually to see those lads. Great to see them touring with Threshold. That's going to be one hell of a tour! (And I'll be there on two nights...YAY!!)
Now that the tour is getting closer, it got me thinking about which songs I would like to hear. So I've come up with a short list.

1. Life Flow (Hypothetical acoustic version)
2. Light & Space
3. Narcissus
4. Days of Dearth
5. A Tension of Souls
6. Eat The Unicorn
7. Freaks
8. Sunrise On Mars
9. Ground Control
10. Mission Profile
11. One Degree Down
12. Fighting For Breath
13. Safe To Fly
14. Pilots In The Sky of Dreams

How about you guys?
Threshold have announced more details of their upcoming Essence Of Progression tour across Europe starting next month, including a sneak look at some of the songs on the setlist.

"It's great to be racing across Europe one more time before we start work on the new album" commented Threshold keyboard player Richard West.

"It's going to be an epic set! Alongside our usual suspects such as Slipstream and Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams we're planning to add a lot of long tracks which don't often get played like Consume To Live, The Whispering and The Art Of Reason. What's more we'll be adding some songs we've NEVER played live before such as Fighting For Breath and our 13 minute epic Critical Mass (part 1-3). We'll also be performing a previously unreleased song from our new fan club album that will be on sale at the shows. We just can't wait to get out there again!"
BurningDownTheMiddle said:
Confusing me with forgottenglory? I guess that means you're buying!!!

Sure thing!

BurningDownTheMiddle said:
...then morning in amsterdam, train down to Z and the gig...

If I don't go with my usual buddy, I could travel along in the train and offer you a 40% discount on your train journey. Easiest would be to travel to "Den Haag Laan Van NOI" and take the public transportation - Randrail they call it - to Halfweg Laag or something like that, which is right outside the Boerderij venue.
being used to UK rail prices, the trip from Amsterdam to Zoetermeer seems pretty cheap in any case!

Rough plan is to be travelling down mid afternoon but there are a few things up in the air just now
Since Damian rejoined the band, I kept hoping for The Whispering to make it back on the setlist – and there we are! Wow.
It’s one of Threshold’s most powerful, and wonderful epics, so hearing it live again (1997 was the last time, indeed) will be just plain fantastic.
Thank you Threshold, for reviving this outstanding piece of musical art.

It seems you made not only me happy with that choice either. :D