The UK / Benulux Tour Spring 2009 - Post Your Pictures, Videos and Reviews Here


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Jan 26, 2003
London, UK
UK / Benelux Tour Spring 2009

01/05/09 De Pul, Uden NL
Support: Beyond The Labyrinth

02/05/09 - Biebob, Vosselaar BE
Support: Beyond The Labyrinth + Quantum Fantay

03/05/09 - De Kade, Zaandam NL
Support: Beyond The Labyrinth + Quantum Fantay

08/05/09 - Rotherham Rocks, Rotherham UK
Festival headline with Kyrbgrinder, Haze + more

09/05/09 - House of Progression @ The Peel, Kingston UK
Support: Kyrbgrinder

10/08/09 - Mr Kyps, Poole UK
Double headliner with Galahad

Please post your pictures, videos, reviews and/or comments of the Spring 2009 tour here. Don't forget to mention which gig you attended.
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So who is going to which gig?

I'm going to The Peel - unfortunately Rotherham looks thwarted by the demon that is work (meant to finish at 5pm many miles away with two cities in the way) and although i will be south of London, the journey home after Poole seems a trip too far. And traveling across the water will happen one day...

So which gigs are everyone else going to?
I'm going to Uden and Vosselaar. :)
(If I ever get there - I'm using public transport)
Uden for me.
I'll take pictures...or try, at least, since the lighting there wasn't very good last weekend with Saga/It Bites.
Yes, I'll see you at the Peel BDTM.
Although Poole would appear to be closer to the Isle of Wight, I think I said somewhere previously that travelling home from there on a Sunday night is not good when I have to work the next morning. So Kingston it is :)
wll don;t expect my pics of tomight before tomorrow...

But at least i have a new lens for my camera, so no more switching between 3 lenses and missing stuff. Now all i need is a 2nd body for the other lens. Pentax better hurry with that K30D.
Hi everyone,

Here's the setlist for the Uden show:

Days Of Dearth
The Ravages Of Time
Long Way Home
Part Of The Chaos
Light And Space
Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams
One Degree Down
Mission Profile


Falling Away
This Is Your Life

The setlist for the Biebob show was the same order, but they did not play "Oceanbound" and " Elusive" there. Not sure why not, maybe because of the fact that they had 2 opening bands instead of 1.
I enjoyed both shows very very much. Lots of energy and enthusiasm, it was really contageous. I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't write reviews very well. I hope other people that were there are better at it.
I've got one tip for the people that are after the very rare La Salle CD's. Damian's brought his spare copies and they are sold at the merchandise stand!! Please say hi to Kelly for me :)
I've taken tons of pictures and will probably take "a few" more tonight. Will post them as soon as I can. For everyone who's going to see Threshold this coming week: have LOADS of fun!!

Astrid xx

sorry no time, you´ll have to do with this one for now
The setlist for De Kade in Zaandam was the same as for Biebob. A very well-informed source (hellooooo) told me they could only play a 100 minute set, that's why they skipped the two songs. I guess those of us who saw Threshold in Uden were lucky then :)
Working on my pics, but it's not going very fast, I'm afraid.
Take care all!
Well this time i used my new lens a 16-50 mm F2.8 so you can expect more total stageviews and fullbody shots instead of just close-ups...:cool:

i just need to edit everything, because it was quite dark in Zaandam and i do not flash...