The Dutch Gig - Post Your Pictures, Videos and Reviews Here

Well, here's my share of the pictures I took at the gig... Real struggle to select the best as I shot nearly 500 photographs :)

Was it just me or was the sound too loud and unbalanced? Maybe because Karl's amp was blowing right in my ears, but I apart from Karl, Steve and Johanne - I heard close to nothing. Damian was hard to understand and Rich could have just drink a beer or two... Real shame (soundwise), gig was stunning :) Great setlist, fantastic lighting, great atmosphere and lots of fun!

Cheers, Matthijs
Well, Karl explained it to me: they had placed both guitar racks facing the crowd and is exactly what I heard all night - Karl. I was standing right in front of his rig and heard everu single note he played. And Johanne and Steve ofcourse, you can hear them always ;-) Vocals and keys were sort of absent in my experience of the gig. Bochum-gig had a different sound-setup whereas Karl and Peter turned their racks more stage-wards in order to give the people front-row a bit more sound (actually: less guitar and more of the rest)
But hey - it was a great gig and I have heard bands play way louder and much less enjoyable than Threshold!!!

Cheers, Matthijs
Hi all,

I was there too and I shot some pix. I hope you like them.

Hans Dehing







Really cool pictures, Ayreonaut! Unfortunately the pic I took of you and your mate catching Pete's guitarpick did not come out that well :( But it was a fun thing to do, wasn't it.

That's a shame, oh well Leon still got his guitar pick though:p

next concert pics will probably be even better as i decided to get myself a 14-50 mm F.28 lens, already have 50-135 MM f2.8 so than i have that entire range cleared and only need a 2nd body... Iwish Pentax would hurry with a K30D...
Unfortunately mine turned out too blurry to my liking, that's the problem when you've got a "macro" function on your lens.... Oh well next show it's only 2 lenses for me. everything form 14 to 135mm covered with F2.8.All pro Pentax series... so yes i was the one standing next to you