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Earth. Soul. Rock n' Roll
Jan 26, 2003
London, UK
March Of Progress Tour 2013
01 March 2013 Underworld London, England
02 March 2013 Lakei Helmond, Netherlands
03 March 2013 Baroeg Rotterdam, Netherlands
04 March 2013 Markthalle Hamburg, Germany
05 March 2013 C-Club Berlin, Germany
06 March 2013 Progresja Warsaw, Poland
08 March 2013 Kulturfabrik Kufstein, Austria
09 March 2013 Kiff Aarau, Switzerland
11 March 2013 Orto Bar Ljubljana, Slovenia
12 March 2013 Spectrum Augsburg, Germany
13 March 2013 Colos Saal Aschaffenburg, Germany
14 March 2013 Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg, Germany
15 March 2013 Turock Essen, Germany
16 March 2013 Bastard Club Osnabrück, Germany
17 March 2013 Biebob Vosselaar, Belgium

Please post your pictures, videos, reviews and/or comments of the March Of Progress Tour here. Don't forget to mention which gig you attended.

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Just about recovering from the massive London gig last night. Other than a few technical problems which plagued poor Pete during his own song (his own Spinal Tap moment), Coda, we had the privilege to witness an awesome gig of magnanimous proportion both in sound and performance! We were also introduced to Albert, Damian's new best friend!

I said a quick hello to Rich on the way in as I was eager to secure a spot in the front row to make pictures and videos. Later, after the gig, I had the opportunity to chat to Damian, Pete and Karl who were all equally entertaining and where I didn't miss the opportunity to tell them multiple times how fricking awesome the new album is!

And Karl, with hindsight I think I appeared to be so happy last night mainly because of how pleased I am with March Of Progress and the awesome gig I had just experienced! ;-) But I am now intrigued by what you said to me and would like to engage into a deeper conversation to get to the bottom of this at the Celeb8 Festival. Your sensitivity is even more intriguing but it shouldn't be when one like yourself can write and play such inspired guitar solos with so much ease!

PS. I'll try to post the pictures and videos as soon as possible for all to enjoy. I, and I'm sure, all the regular visitors here, would like to see as many pictures, videos and reports from the road from you all who will be attending.

PPS. I'm sorry I don't post here as often as I did in the past due to other commitments but I'll try to own the live threads and keep them alive as and when there are new gigs.
Sounds great. I'll probably see them at ProgPower Oslo in November, as well as Sweden Rock in June. Just took a look at their setlist from London yesterday; they played the Rubicon!:kickass: And Pilot in the Sky of Dreams....great!
Just wanted to say thanks to Threshold for a superb gig on Friday night at The Underworld. Despite being a fan for 11 years now, this was the first time I've seen them play - and they were bloody brilliant!

The new album is awesome, and I was really glad to hear so much if it played. They managed to play all my favourite songs from the album, and played them so well. With so much material to draw from, there was always the chance of disappointing folk, but I thought the set list was spot on.

Along with my Threshold loving friends, I was a little apprehensive when Damien replaced Mac, but what a performance! Damien was fantastic - he had the crowd in the palm of his hand. He (and Albert, his beard) engaged with all of us personally and he sang so perfectly - I could hear every word and every precise note. Best frontman performance I've seen live since (and probably including) Russell Allen.

Damien may have been highlight of the night - but I don't want to take away from the rest of the band, who were all spot on - but with a frontman like that, everyone else has to settle for second place. Johanne was as ridiculously tight and controlled as ever - superb technique, but next time can we have him on a drum riser so we can see him play? Pete's guitar woes were painful to witness, but I've been there myself so I can sympathise. I thought he did very well to maintain his composure under the circumstances - I know I wouldn't have! Steve was tight and slotted in great with Johanne - not the most out-going guy on stage, but he did what he does very well. Richard was somewhat lost behind his keyboards but played perfectly. And that was it... oh wait, Karl. Yeah, Karl was on great form - great sound, note-perfect through-out, in control and looked like he had a great time. Reminded me somewhat of Dave Gilmour in his prime - laconic and playing with effortless ease.

Downsides? Well, there were a few. The sound was pretty poor, but that's not the band's fault. Too much bass energy in the mix and towards the end of the set my ears were completely shot. I also had the frighteningly common occurrence of some tall fella muscling is way through the crowd and standing right in front of me. It's tough being a short-arse at gigs... And the second support band, Enochian Theory, were pretty poor really (I missed the openers). The music was dreary, but their stage presence was woeful. I hope they watched the Threshold set carefully and learned exactly how to put on a show and entertain a crowd.

Superb show all in all. I was singing loud and clapping my hands and headbanging and felt 15 years old all over again - and that takes some doing! So thanks again to Threshold, and I hope to see you again soon.

Steve H.
Well my weekend certainly was great, eventhough the sound in Helmond was bad and the sound i Rotterdam was way too loud...

setlist was similar but Light and Space was added in Helmond and dropped in Rotterdam due to some technical issues.

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Don’t Look Down
Part of the Chaos
Pilot in the Sky of Dreams
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