The UK / Benulux Tour Spring 2009 - Post Your Pictures, Videos and Reviews Here

Hi Astrid,

thanks so much for the very good pics. My camera did not so well that evening in the Netherlands and I was a little bit sad about that. But when I saw all the people with their high-tech-cameras I thought already that there might be a chance. :loco:

Wasn't it a fantastic concert..btw my first Threshold.
The setlist for De Kade in Zaandam was the same as for Biebob. A very well-informed source (hellooooo) told me they could only play a 100 minute set, that's why they skipped the two songs. I guess those of us who saw Threshold in Uden were lucky then :)
Working on my pics, but it's not going very fast, I'm afraid.
Take care all!

starting an hour later must not have helped... although the bar did get soem extra bussiness:lol:
Less is more, I believe. I don't understand who upload every single picture no matter what the quality is. I prefer to see only the best ones make the Net. My favourite from your Zandaam collection is THIS ONE. It's always very hard to get a good shot of the drummer. So, well done!

Yes i quite agree, the better i become the smaller my selection:lol:
Johanne was pretty easy this time, Richard was impossible from my angle.
But it was pretty dark, i had Pete, arl Steve and Damian all in front of me and all those pics camoe out to dark. which is a bloody shame. As some pics had a good composition:rolleyes:
Looking forward to Saturday at "The Peel",

Just seen "Blind Ego + Tinyfish", then "Pendragon" at "The Peel" last weekend,

Its a cracking little venue, for those who haven't been before.

Watch out for multicoloured plastic pint pots and ultra violet lighting :kickass: