Exclusive Vehemence GWC demos finally surface at pahardcore.com!!


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Jan 3, 2002
Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A.
Exclusive Vehemence God Was Created demos finally surface at pahardcore.com!! Please visit the website and enjoy! Vehemence featured on the popular myspace twin site, but it's for heavy music listeners, please check out the links below.


Vehemence Metal Blade GWC Demos

August 2001 (Made For Metal Blade) Preproduction CD-R Demo for (God Was Created) Engineered, Mixed, Mastered in early August 2001 by Aaron Carry at Pipeline Audio in Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A. (Bill Metoyer Supervised) Fantasy From Pain is featured on the Uncorrupted Steel Metal Blade Sampler

Track Listing

1.Fantasy From Pain 6:00
2.The Last Fantasy Of Christ 4:56
3.She Never Noticed Me 6:44

These were released to friends and download sharing programs before, but now the songs are linked to an official place where you can always hear the 3 demo.

Kill For God 2003 demo is also featured again.


My personal profile on there as well.
Wow, these sound real fucking good for demos actually. So you guys recorded these in a studio? And had this guy mix and master it for you as well?
I did my own mastering on it. Metal Blade needed the demos soon at the time, so we were rushed to finish it and wrap it up. We ended up not going with Bill Metoyer though, (he did the new Cattle Decapitation album) I though that album sounded decent, then again it is just one guitar.
cool!! finally get to hear these in a good while. fantasy from pain has to be my most fav. track!!! (besides anything on The Thoughts...) any chance of a 2.5 to 3 hour setlist for nathan's departure with TTFWIH in its entirety???