Faces To Names


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(FAO Ayeka. I've sent you an e-mail but I had some problems, if you didn't get check your PM :) )

No worries dude, I got it this morning! I'll fire off a reply this afternoon...

Nice pics coming along, guys :)
nice t-shirt you got there dragonmaiden! ..I like your caps too Eagle! :D

I haven't any pic on the net yet, though I will try to upload one soon :) ..be prepared, hehe!

NP: Dark Moor - Magic Land
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Weekend Warrior - you have the (666 - THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST!!!) as your post count. [/QUOTE

Hehe, that's evil indeed :D

NP: Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast :headbang: :headbang:
6 6 6
the number of the beast
hell and fire
was spawned to be released ! :headbang: