fallout boy multitracks/remix competition

anybody know how many tracks are in the song. because i have low memory. i see that the file is over 200 mb
On vacation right now on slow WiFi, I'll have to check this out when I get back. It's not a competition, though, just a "for the hell of it" kind of thing. Still will be interesting to hear the tracks.

Any of you guys digging the Fall Out Boy production and/or the catchy songwriting should check out the album ReadySexGo by the Marvelous 3. The best power pop album of all time IMO, incredible production, and it's got broader roots and influences to it than you might expect.
PC users:

Download the file. Go into the .band folder, then the media folder. Extract all the files 'Verse Gtrs' etc. and just add .wav onto the end. tadaaaa.

Those drums sound nothing like they do on the record.. which is interesting. Interesting to see the bits that aren't really used (thrown to the back of the mix) but after hearing them singled out, you pick them up when you hear the song.

Great production.
GOT em up in pt now.
DAAAM they sound good.
The drums are awesome.
this could be fun
this is really cool. i'm still waiting for someone to do one with one step further. this takes lamb of god and takes it a step furhter. in logic it opens nicely like a rael project. maybe not presets and plug ins but i'd like drums not submixed. that would be really cool.

on edit. there are some sends and plug ins that opened up by default but im not sure what they are. they dontseem to be part of the song lol
If any of you end-up doing a re-mix of the song, would you mind posting it? Thanks!

Maybe one of you could add-in some more distorted guitars and death-metal vocals to it. ;)
bump... anyone on the forum doing any mixing with this? I'm a huge FOB fan, and i'd love to see what some of you young Sneap padawans can do! :D