Favorite Metal Bands (by genre)

Black Metal: MAYHEM
Death Metal: DISMEMBER
Melodic Death/Gothenburg: IN FLAMES
Power Metal:
Progressive Metal: OPETH
Thrash Metal: MEGADETH
Doom Metal: MY DYING BRIDE (1993-8)
Symphonic Black Metal: DIMMU BORGIR
Nu Metal: KORN
Grindcore: ??
Black Metal: DarkThrone
Death Metal: Edge of Sanity
Melodic Death: Opeth
Doom Metal: diSEMBOWELMENT, Funeral, Evoken
Symphonic Black Metal: eh..
Nu Metal:
Industrial Metal:
Black Metal: Darkthrone
Death Metal:Krisiun
Melodic Death: Suspiria
Power Metal:
Progressive Metal: The Fucking Champs (or are they math metal)
Thrash Metal:S.O.D.
Doom/Stoner Metal:Electric Wizard and High On Fire
Symphonic Black Metal:
Nu Metal:Kittie
Industrial Metal:
Grindcore: Soilent Green
Black Metal: DarkThrone, Mayhem
Death Metal: Death
Melodic Death/Gothenburg: At The Gates
Power Metal: Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian
Progressive Metal: Symphony X
Thrash Metal: The Haunted, Testament, Forbidden
Doom Metal: (old) Katatonia
Industrial Metal: Deathstars
Grindcore: (old) Carcass

Folk Metal: (old) Vintersorg
Viking Metal: Bathory
Gothic Metal: Katatonia
My Responses
Black Metal: Enthroned
Death Metal: Old Death
Melodic Death/Gothenburg:Arch Enemy,At the Gates,The Haunted
Power Metal: Old Blind Guardian....more of speed metal though
Progressive Metal: Newer Death and Control Denied
Thrash Metal: Overkill
Doom Metal: Old Katatonia....Brave Murder Day
Symphonic Black Metal: huh?
Nu Metal: Hate ie
Industrial Metal: What is this?
Grindcore: Dont like it
Ok, I can do this too...

Black Metal: Immortal
Death Metal: Morbid Angel
Melodic Death/Gothenburg: In Flames
Power Metal: Helloween
Progressive Metal: Blind Guardian
Thrash Metal: Susperia
Doom Metal: Abdullah
Symphonic Black Metal: Noctes
Nu Metal: System Of A Down
Industrial Metal: N/A
Grindcore: N/A

And, my additions:
Viking Metal: Thyrfing
Pagan Metal: Cruachan
Classic Metal: Iron Maiden
Stoner Metal: Fu Manchu
Folk Metal: Elvenking
Suicide Metal: Sentenced

This will change by at least 50% by next week :D
Black Metal: Mayhem
Death Metal: Deicide
Melodic Death/Gothenburg: In Flames
Power Metal: is fucking gay
Progressive Metal: Therion
Thrash Metal: Slayer
Doom Metal: Moonspell
Symphonic Black Metal: Waylander (I know it's more irish folk than symphonic, but it's the same principle, so bite me)
Nu Metal: Skin Lab
Industrial Metal: The Shizit
Grindcore: Anal Cunt
Black Metal: Baskíria :D
Death Metal: Death :mad:
Heavy Metal: Iron Maiden :Smokin:
Melodic Death: Children of Bodom :headbang: :worship:
Melodic Death/Göthenburg: In Flames :devil:
Power Metal: a lot :lol: (Edguy, Iced Earth, Blind Guardian ... )
Progressive Metal: Pain of Salvation
Thrash Metal: Testament
Doom Metal: Lake of Tears, Anathema o_O
Symphonic BM: ... :err:
Nu Metal: :puke:
Industrial Metal: N/A
Grindcore: N/A
Black Metal: IMMORTAL
Melodic Death/Gothenburg: SOILWORK / AT THE GATES!!!!!!!!
Progressive Metal: OPETH ALL THE WAY
Thrash Metal: THE CROWN
Doom Metal: NONE
Symphonic Black Metal: ??
Nu Metal: NONE, FUCK THOSE POSERS!!!!!!!!!!
Industrial Metal: NONE
Black Metal: Pure Sweet Hell
Death Metal: Death9rip Chuck)
Melodic Death/Gothenburg: Soilwork
Power Metal: Nocturnal Rites
Progressive Metal: Nevermore
Thrash Metal: Overkill
Doom Metal: Cathedral
Symphonic Black Metal: Winds
Nu Metal: Soil
Industrial Metal: Rorschach Test or Godflesh
Grindcore: to be honest, I've never been too clear on what makes a band fall into this one. Seen lots of funny cyber fights over it though.
NWOBHM: Iron Maiden
Best really old guy still doing it: Rob Halford & Lemmy/Motorhead
Black Metal: Immortal
Death Metal: Suffocation
Melodic Death/Gothenburg: Amon Amarth or The Haunted
Power Metal: Maiden
Progressive Metal: Dream Theatre
Thrash Metal: SLAYER!! Old school Sepultura comes in close too.
Doom Metal: Sleep
Symphonic Black Metal: Therion
Nu Metal: Chimaira
Industrial Metal: not big into this genre at all..
Grindcore: Napalm Death
Black Metal: Emperor
Death Metal: Dying Fetus, Napalm Death
Melodic Death/Gothenburg: Hypocrisy
Power Metal: Pantera
Progressive Metal: Psychotic Waltz
Thrash Metal: SLAYER
Doom Metal: My Dying Bride
Symphonic Black Metal: Old Man's Child
Nu Metal: ???? (Death to false Metal)
Industrial Metal: old fear factory
Grindcore: Nile