Are there three sides of metal?


Jun 30, 2012
I tend to notice something there. There are tons of metal genres, but I think there tend to be three major crowds in the genre.

First we have melodic metal, which consist of traditional heavy metal, speed metal, power metal, neoclassical metal, progressive metal, tradtional doom metal, symphonic metal, gothic metal, and folk metal.

We also have extreme metal, which includes thrash metal, death metal, black metal, grindcore, and extreme doom metal (death/doom, funeral doom, blackened doom).

Then, we have alternative metal, which would include groove metal, industrial metal, stoner metal, sludge metal, drone metal, metallic hardcore, post-metal, southern metal, and avant-garde metal.

Does anybody look at it the same way?
There are three sides to every square. But there's also a fourth.

I'm guessing that fourth side is mainstream metal, with genres like glam metal, nu metal, metalcore, deathcore, funk metal, rap metal, and alternative metal.

Other than that, metal is more of a three-headed lion than of a square.
I think "mainstream metal" like nu metal and metalcore are part of the third, "alternative metal".

I would kind of agree that there are 3, because the duality of "extreme metal" and "non-extreme metal" must be agreed upon by anyone who uses the term "extreme metal", and "fake metal" or "metal that's not really metal" would then be the third, and I'm sure that everyone agrees that there is definitely fake metal out there. And if it's not fake, it logically would be either extreme or non-extreme, hence the 3 categories seem complete to me.
no i would say there are about 30 sides if not more death and black metal are extreme but they both have there own sub-culture a lot of people into death dont like black metal a lot of us into black metal don't like death i would say your take was a interesting one but far to black and white.
Bands should try to be their own side to metal. Starting with the broad subgenres is fine, expending beyond that and making your own sound is mastering the art.

way to put an inspirational positive spin on things without contributing anything at all to the actual topic