Favourite Horror Movies?


What year is this?!?
Sep 22, 2001
An horror movies buffs/ fans on this board? What are your favourite films? Some of mine are:

- Psycho [Original Version] (Pretty obvious given my avatars)
- Halloween (a classic, not really 'scary' per se, but it has a brilliant atmosphere)
- Texas Chainsaw Massacre (just pure insane horror at its finest)
- The Exorcist (again, brilliant atmosphere, and genuinly creepy)
- Night of the Living Dead [Original Version] (Classic with a capital 'C'. Proves that you don't need muti-million dollar budgets to make great horror films)
- Friday the 13th series (some of them are crap, but the early ones in particular bring back some great memories)
- The Thing (more vintage John Carpenter before he went crap)
- The Shining (probably the best Stephen King book to movie made, apart from The Green Mile but that's not horror)
- The Amityville Horror (I remember watching this late at night, by myself in a dark room. I shit my pants on multiple occasions).
Great topic!

° Evil Dead I, II, III
° Killer Klowns From Outer Space
° Braindead
° Bad Taste
° Countess Dracula
° The Pit and the Pendulum
° Night of the Living Dead
° Dawn of the Dead
° Halloween
° Vampyre 1932
° Last House on the Left
° all horror movies with Bela Lugosi
° and many more
I consider very few horror movies to be worth my time, but the ones I do enjoy are some of the best films I have seen.

Faust by F.W. Murnau
Nosferatu by F.W. Murnau
Frankenstein / The bride of Frankenstein by... I don't know who; the films feature Boris Karloff as the monster
Sleepy Hollow by Tim Burton - I love that kitschy fairy-tale appearance
Pet cemetary by ...again, I do not know the director, but this is the creepiest adaptation of anything written by Stephen King. I refuse to watch it though, since it would ruin some of my childhood's dreariest sensations...
Lighthouse - a combination of all the best horror - and serial murderer -clichés. Hilarious and breath-taking!

That is all that comes to mind now..
Yeah, Braindead is indeed a killer, when I saw this movie I couldn´t stop laughing!

Another cult horror movie that I recommend is Killer Klowns from Outer Space! :D
im all about the dawn of the dead....any tim burton movie....
..texas chainsaw massacre for sure! the evil deads!
hmm...you know, the cheap as hell to rent horror movies are the best-''the flesh grinders' and 'silent night bloody night' and 'floating skulls!'

the cheesier the better! :p
Hm, I think I should make a few additions to my list as I seem to ealier have come up with rather few films...

Nekromantik - by Jorg Buttgereit, the topic is really horrible but the film has a very strange atmosphere.

Subconscious cruelty - the most horrendous film I have ever seen. Completely sick!

Living Dead I, II - by Sam Raimi, I think: great splatter comedy.

Braindead, Bad taste - by Peter Jackson, even though I doubt whether these flicks are actually horror - really comical and OTT..

The ninth gate - by Roman Polanski, really atmospherical and interesting film.
Haha, Classic movie!!!
The part where she looks up and sees the body parts cooking in the stove, or where the old guy sucks out her blood! :eek: :) :loco: Oh man I feel like watching that movie now!
MMM not exactly horror at all but i like The Cube...
Hannibal has entered my fav movies ever recently but i also dont think of it as horror in the tradicional sence everyone here is talking about....ok ill shut up
Heh I stole that movie off some girl in the summer,wish I could find it,My fav part is when they are eating at the dinner table and the family starts arguing over whos gona kill the girl.I have a leather face toy its pretty damn cool it comes with a bloody head and arms.